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It's possible coming up Michael Barry show Mhm. Great to have you. Thanks for stopping by. It is Joe PAGs Show pretty. You think if you will take social media too seriously? Yes. Yep. Every day. Yep. Everything we just We just had fun radio That was fun. You found a nice story. I thought we'd have some fun with it. We had some fun people. Somebody who's not using a real name on Twitter because they're an idiot. Um there's no way you've eaten a million dogs that average to nearly 50 dogs every day of your life. You suck at math. Oh, Okay? Yeah, I know. So they tweeted me the same thing. Yeah. Carried. Are there people dim enough to think I really think I ate a million hot dogs in my life? Um, I would hope not carry help me out. Help me out here, Big man. I could probably five a day. Maybe five a day. Disclaimer. The host sometimes says things to be funny. Do you want to touch it? Yes. It starts to show me this favor. Maybe. Yeah. Sometimes the host of the show says things just to be funny. That could be like you can have your voice in the chocolate boys can do it. Yeah, listen. I realize your head is planted in your ass. Take it out when listening to my show and put it back in for the rest of the shows that maybe you consume during the day because that was just a dumb tweet. We understand That's the dumbest tweet I've seen in about a month. In a lot of month, right? Yeah, that's saying a lot. You suck it, man. You ever faked him on Twitter, and I'm gonna call you out. Shut up. It's just so stupid man. It's just so stupid. I don't want people to be so stupid. I'm literally asking for people not to be stupid. Well, I think maybe asking for too much. I do. Yeah, I think it's Goodness, Just knock it off. Huh? Sarah, you suggesting in his second? What is this? Yes. Please do a new segment. Dumb tweet of the day. Well, people do mean tweets where they'll tweet the things that because I get some tweets where they wanted to die over to get covid next after that, But But do whatever. Um But I don't want to just steal somebody else's idea with the mean tweets. Oh, by the way, I would love to have some trump with some trump mean tweets back right about now. Better than having a Taliban tell us what to do. That would be good to be honest, So, I mean, all right, let's let's take a vote carry. Should I do a segment almost everyday? Just about every day I get attacked, um, called dumb tweets. Yeah, I think that could be something. Follow dunk tweets you down for that. Sure. Sam, you suggested. It's obviously you want dumb tweets. I really want more dumb tweets have some more dumb tweets because And the thing is, it's not like the guy was like the way you ate a million hot dogs package. Come on. No, He's like there's no way you've eaten a million hot dogs. Beverages out to 50 dogs Every day. Your life you suck at math. When you suck at life. Wow. That's all your teen dads all do dump tweets and then meet responses. Um Dumb tweets and responses. He's like No way. You ain't that minutes. 50 every day of your life. My Yeah, but at least my mom like home down Wow. Wait a second. Wow! To the knowledge today, man, Savage, Paige Savages Tweeter. Yeah. I mean, it's just stupid and again. I mean, so, So you've got the Twitter and you think of yourself. I'm going to nail this guy. I actually made this guy take a million and divided by 55, which is my age to come up with how many hot dogs would have had to eat every day of my life? And then he tweeted about it as if he just one. I just won the Internet over Joe PAGs. Carrie, I want that boarding of life for about a week. I got you. I have often times thought to myself. I'd like to be a dumb guy like that guy on Twitter. I'd like to be a dumb guy for a day or two. I don't care about anything. Let me just be dumb for a while. I would like to listen. I think that I would benefit from just being stupid for a while. Okay? I can't. I can't do it. I tried. I just I don't have the ability to be that stupid. But I You know, I love I love I am in love with The fact that I made him calculate Million divided by 55, then tweet about it. I mean, seriously, I mean, it's It's awfully vacant in here, but it's fun living rent free in that guy's head. And he's like, Oh, he's talking about me on national radio. Haven't mentioned your name, stupid. It's not like you're getting anything out of it. Even if I did it some fake shoot on him. You're not even man enough for woman enough to put your real name on there. Always love that one. Oh, you know, stranded monkey tweeted to me Something like Really? Yeah. You're tweeting something. Who are you? And how's your mom's basement? Temperature wise? Today? It is 88941 Paige's ended 89417247. Joe PAGs dot com. I do not I do not want to take any calls on that. But, yeah, I think I'll do that. If there is a dumb tweet of the day, we should probably do something about that. I should probably come up with a song or a jingle is something for it because we used to have trump tweets. We were on Newsmax TV, and we show that graphic I would yell Trump tweets, So maybe we'll do that. But this is going to be original. I just I just thought of this. Let me know if you think if you like this Listen, listen. Listen. Are you ready?.

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