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I took this job. Conversation about dog. Brought it up. This is really astounding folks. Okay. All right. Let's go to let's go get off the hump and go to the Trump. Let's go to Joey in Brooklyn, Joey. Good morning. How are you? Good. What's on your mind? First of all, I want to say, you you have a great show. Michael you Joe? And and now you guys are signing. Call. Thank you. And I and I love the three against one all the time. What I wanted to say is I believe that Trump is more honest and all those other guys, and we should be investigating the investigators. Because I dare dirty than him. They know every trick in the book, and they seem to want to always point the finger at him when I believe it's about them, and they're just trying to use him as as their own. Well, Joey, we did have those a lover's in the FBI who are texting back and forth about how they were going to take Trump down. That's what I was thinking. I. And one more thing because I know you like movies. I think it's hysterical is Trump was in the birdcage, and he was singing like, Gene Hackman with the other people. Yes, right. I. Joey. Let's see here. Trump's period. You don't want to hear Jerry from rutta for New Jersey wants to talk about New Jersey taxes. Yeah. I love that story about the taxes in New Jersey. I live in. The taxes are crazy. But the best part of the story was when the news guy is freaking out about the fake news. We have this is how we feel every day when we listen to know give us a fake news on Trump than his his news is straight. Yeah. It was hilarious. I loved it. Okay. Thanks, jerry. It's the it's the it was it was kind of a bogus comparison. I think that's that's the only point. All right. Very quickly. Let's get Michael. Also, New Jersey is on his mind. He's in Nutley. Good morning. Michael do a quick low morning. I do hear the frustration. Dough Bartlett's voice. I'm from New Jersey, obscene Nutley. I mean, that's the people took about seventy thousand dollars year, they weren't asking for working middle class. Already property poor and middle class. Wars that work in the private sector. They must've been asking people working the public sector about what their annual salaries are those people get paid a lot more money than what those were. Probably so high and people enjoy better wake up because you're gonna get property tax homes to got to put a stop these unions public Scythians who keep asking for more more money from us. The first responders teacher. We hear you, Michael. We hear you. Thanks. We hear you. Okay. Driving people nuts. How we get back. We got Enertainment news. The new temptations musical started on Broadway last night. I saw it. And hey, there's a new Dr Seuss book coming out, which is interesting because Dr Seuss's dead and take a listen to WRR tonight with Joe conscience this evening from six to nine and Albert divider..

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