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Ken jeffries can jeff pass. Wb ask wb news. Ninety kenny was my listening. Kenny was my partner for golly seven years eight. Not and like any good partners you get each other's rhythm you can finish each other's sentences no you didn't know each other before you were students together at work. We can't go and say oh and went to work with ken jeffries. Now saying tell me how that would we were both at. Kf wbz and they just would arbitrarily move people about this right place right so essentially chemistry it. It's amazing as something. Our chemistry wasn't great at the very beginning. Okay it was tricky. But we got to know other respected and kinda learned each other's quirks. Because you know when you're on the radio you're stuck in a little bitty room for five or six straight hours. The niche of us. But that's a tight knit situation for four or five six hours five days a week. Yeah if you don't like each other if you don't disaster give each other room for corky. It doesn't work but it works. Yeah oh god did it. Work is yeah. I would see do. Can't he Gosh i i understand. He's doing some part time stuff here. They're kinda semi-retarded. No he has a podcast. Oh but i have not listened to it. But i know he's got right so i think he's just kind of taken that he's doing news. Yeah yeah this together. Yeah and what was your timetable. I mean hours where we right. Seven p two one aet. Oh god monday. Through friday jocks. Now yeah six hours. Yeah strating until the wee hours of the morning. When o'clock the elephant twelve fifty eight was worth it. That situation was fun in the booth. It was not a fun place to work. But we had fun in the booth with each other's Because we got along in. I know his kids wife..

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