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Party and so there are many who believe that in order to galvanize the party nevada cherie can sell needs to come back and show that he is present in the country i think he sees this as being vital in order to prevent the further disintegration of his spotty which has been subject to mass defections many of them it is now common knowledge through manipulation and through rivalry but finally and this is interesting many see his return as being necessary to secure the political career of his daughter and era parent meriem novas who does of course face prison sentence she has been compared to benazir bhutto really on various counts he feels that if his legacy is to continue he must return to baucus on on what jones do you think there will be the will wind up in prison oh everything points to that at the moment stray things well he appeals and preserve a legal process against the conviction he has suddenly announced his intention to appeal and normally when a case is going through the appeal process the defendant has the right to request bagel but given that this really is by all accounts a political trial that's very unlikely outcome i think there is no way he's going to escape prison apparently a number of helicopters are already on standby waiting at lahore apple to whisk him and his daughter away to prison in islamabad meanwhile the government just in the last few hours has announced that they have sleeved off all the roads to whore airport tv channels have been issued with orders again late this afternoon warning them against carrie being any material that can be seen to defame either the army all the judiciary how do you think the might be unrest with noah sharieff back in town there have been just today in three hundred and four hundred arrests of party workers there have been caused by senior members of his party to put an end to these arrests to lift cubs on the broadcast of charades stitches and it is perfectly possible that there will be some kind of violence tomorrow any spread of violence or political instability could mean a delay and postponement in the election protests over the slow delivery of basic services by the government of become commonplace in south africa but in one town residents have taken their dissatisfaction with them unisom polity one step further a court ruling has enabled them to help run the town this comes after some residents chased away.

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