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Is on the scene now. High wind warning is in place for the Tacoma narrows bridge and much of the north west your next report at ten fifty four Jay Phillips, KOMO news. Komo weather. Art Sanders with a breezy tonight becoming partly cloudy slight chance of rain showers after midnight lows around forty tomorrow, mostly sunny, slight chance of rain showers in the morning, then mostly cloudy by highs will be in the forties, Saturday, mostly cloudy, chance of rain. Upper forties. Rain likely Sunday. Upper forty showers on Monday, upper forty s for Christmas day, it'll be cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Highs in the upper forty s Wednesday Thursday next week, mostly cloudy, chance of rain upper forty s overnight lows around forty latest weather from the KOMO forecast team. Guys accused savings on new and previously lease furnishings. That's right. Huge savings at court furniture clearance center, choose from our wide variety of new and previously lease furniture. Andy core for your home or office, you'll find so fest from one ninety nine ninety nine and more everything in our nine thousand square foot showroom is court certified guaranteed and in stock ready for delivery or to take on today. Visit our court furniture clearance center at one three nine four six Lee Jackson memorial highway or go online at cork clearance. Brennan dot com mentioned radio twenty and get twenty percents off this holiday season. Give the gift amusing, visit Qatar center for great deals, including in our Turia key lab, central forty-nine, Keith what controller just one forty nine ninety nine. Get a pair of sterling audio studio monitors to sixty nine ninety nine Mitchell. Ukulele just thirty four ninety nine. Check back for new doorbuster deals, plus an exclusive gear you can't get anywhere else. Lessons program perfect gift for musician. Give the gift of music from Qatar center. It's the final days of mattress firm's year end close out event. We're making room for twenty nine thousand models. And that means you can save big on all beauty rest storewide. That's right. Get this beauty rest luxury Queen mattress up to seventy percent off or take home an innerspring Queen mattress for just three ninety seven. Hurry in your budget stretches further at mattress firm. Restrictions apply. Valid at participating locations only while supplies last. Brought for details. Visit mattress dot com slash L. Now, get tips on finding the best mattress size for you. Just tell your Alexa, or Google assistant device to launch mattress firm.

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Qatar Center, Komo, Tacoma Narrows Bridge discussed on News, Traffic and Weather

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