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Tree can withstand so much more pressure from the wind and even an ice storms is less likely to break branches if it's been cared for correctly dead branches removed a good open structure that still looks fantastic but that could be a lot of work and not everybody knows how to do it well don't worry about it I got somebody wants you to call his name is beau masters is an I. SA certified arborist and he works in the greater Austin in hill country area is highly respected he's it approved and recommended neighbor arborist with most for neighborhood associations he's he's even been the arbors for the lady bird Johnson wildflower center now bono center properly trim a tree dead branches can break in in a high wind storm they cause more damage to the tree but properly prune tree can allow the wind to blow through is less resistant and less likely to have a branch break it's more when bogus down the tree looks so good for you so if you're looking at your trees if you're concerned that you're not sure that it's from properly or the health of the tree is somewhat in question give bow a call he can come out and talk to you about it in tell you how we can make changes to make the tree look good to keep it safe and more importantly to keep it healthy so give them a call masters the number is five one two nine two three two eight one eight that's five one two nine two three two eight one eight right up to your home and stick to your budget Los is here to help with liberty city throughout the store upgrade your prices and save up to forty percent off select by special because Sam some from the laundry.

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