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Texas, and then headed straight to the northeast meteorologist, rob Marciano is tracking it all for us tonight. Hey, rob. I David this is a powerful western storm. And it's only going to expand its links up with the southern Jetstream checkout this pattern very El Nino like split blow these gestures will face tomorrow over Texas, and they'll throw a lot of moisture across the southeast with it. We had seventy mile an hour gusts Wyoming. I wouldn't warnings for parts of the plains winter storm watch just west of Fort Worth and heavy rain Houston down. I ten across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia on Friday across the Carolina snows on a Friday late and then here in New York over the weekend with some heavy rain, potentially David. We'll be watching it through the weekend. Rob thank you. We're gonna turn next tonight to a troubling admission from a DA in North Carolina tonight in the case of the thirteen year old girl abducted and killed while she was simply waiting to go to school tonight, the DA revealing that there had been DNA linking the suspect in her case to a rape long before and that he should not have been free. Here's ABC's Stevenson Saami. Now, it's a painful admission tonight good that paper right there. Save. Potentially. Yes. And probably yes. North Carolina thirties admit that they had in their hands. Dna test results that type thirty four year old Michael McClellan seen here in court to a rape that happened in two thousand sixteen but they say that they're investigators never followed up had they done. So the ropes and county prosecutor believes that thirteen year old Hanja Augie lar- might be alive. Today. Mcclellan is now charged with raping and killing the eighth grader who was kidnapped last month on her way to school by someone driving away in the SUV seen in this surveillance video. I don't know what happened if he got lost shares department if it got buried on somebody's desk this hearse. And this this hers is like taking a punch to the gut in your in not being prepared to get it McClellan is now charged in both cases in this one. Police say it was DNA evidence removed from the abandoned SUV that lead them to him McClellan is being held tonight without bond and before making this public authorities had to break this..

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