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Go by Jack I bunny. I. I. Don't see you guys anymore, but I still. Am you're still in Missoula. Let's push on David so I watch it. There's a new David spade movie that came out on Netflix which I couldn't believe. He's making a new movie, so I watched it. It's it's called the wrong missy. By the way this is exactly when bad things happen. What's going on right now? My consume. Do. We, can we? We have an Admin in the room. Let's go ahead and do this for deported Jag, because I don't think I can keep it together. Thank you, Chris. Pardon me pardon me when I was saying you can go ahead and leave. The zoom chat now thought that that might be a little bit more complicated. On the Internet that goes viral when the camera still on and Jack. and. He starts going back to bed. We were ten seconds away from taking a new Jack mckeon. Oh, you've seen a new Jack mckeon of my God. Yes, I have. I should have asked him about. How did you not ask him about the toilet story? I? Don't the toilets okay? We definitely have to have him back on. You think you'd WanNa do this again. We now that he's done at once. I think there's at least a ten percent chance he can do it again. We just won't ask them to leave. Zoom early Oh God. That was funny. anyways. David Spade made a movie called the wrong missy. And it's so bad really at I was thinking to myself. What happened to David? Spade and he looks older result, or that's fine, but did he make this movie thinking that any part of it was funny that any line there is a wonderful actress who plays one of the MRIs who's a comedian who is tremendous and I forgot her name she. She's good in it. I gotta I gotTa find her name to because I I saw this movie, and my expectations were so low, that I actually ended up enjoying it. It was lights was short and her performance. In particular, the title character was I thought what kept the the movie flow because? David has aged so much that it's not very convincing as a leading man, even though their relationship is somewhat believable, and so he's Asia's.

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