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Welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzales Golombek finally back with us on forever. Today. Yes. Only today, we've missed you. Top story for me is Miley, Cyrus. I've got a lot to say about Miley Cyrus, licking cakes, and not even licking. I just leave it Nikki case. I've had enough to Steven Crowder freedom of speech and feelings. All right. And Mr. Andrew Heaton, I have a depressing yet up lifting victory for freedom in Maine. Because it is I feel the same way so. Well, sometimes sometimes freedom said, yeah, it is. All right. Obviously a lot to get into. I think our sponsor American financing, Glenn. I know that you were a little bit concerned with doing business with any financing companies. Two thousand four or five started saying, I think it was two thousand four. When I first started saying, don't take these home loans. It's insane and era, it was like, oh no, it's zero percent interest in and they're giving me half of the house fraud tonight own. I own a boat with this now to like, don't do this. So when American financing called me around two thousand seven I said, no. I don't do mortgage companies. No, because I think you're all Shams and thieves. And like, whoa, appreciated. That will they listen to me. They listen to me, and they like, no, we, we are not that kind of a mortgage company. That's why we're calling you. We are exactly on the same page. And I said, yeah. Well, you call me after two thousand after the crash, and it was a few months later that it was crash the crash, and they call them. They said, our businesses good are people are good. We're we didn't have problem because we never made those stupid loans, and this is a company that actually works for you. They don't get kickbacks from the banks to make the loan. So they are on salary, so they work for you and they've done it with Stu, where you call and say, hey, on and do this. And if they think it's not in your best interest. They'll say you should probably go get that love or somebody else, which they did to Stu. And, and I, I respect that it's a group with integrity, and they're not gonna put you over the barrel. Because times are going to change. They're going to get harder. And then when they do if you have a, you know, alone that you can afford trouble. So just call American financing. Eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty American financing dot net. All right, Glenn, I'd actually like to because I believe that the molar important story is the Steven Crowder story. So can we start with Stu, let's start to.

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