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It seems like after all of that goes down the bills have a really difficult decision to make if they keep OJ's number out of circulation than it looks like they're continuing to honor him but if they put his number back into circulation than it kind of reminds everyone of OJ right well at this time Oj Simpson's thirty two has been out of circulation for sixteen years and it's easy to maintain the status quo his thirty two you and his name is on the bills wall of fame inside the stadium his bronze bust is at the pro football hall of fame Canton his thirty two is retired at USC Jay has been inducted into the college football hall of fame and is the first buffalo bills to be honored in the pro pro football hall of fame OJ Simpson ever in shrine in the greater buffalo sports the and I should point out that none of these organizations the NFL Hall of fame the College Football Hall of fame or USC who retired his number none of them have made any changes either no one has withdrawn his membership or dishonored him in any way best right and I think really there is strength in the numbers I guess it makes it easier when nobody else does it now the pro football hall of fame very quickly came out and said we are not going to remove OJ Simpson's bust we're not going going to strip him of his hall of fame membership and I think once the pro football hall of fame does that it allows the other organizations the buffalo bills included to say well they're not GonNa do it we don't have to step up and do it either kind of gets everybody off the hook and especially in buffalo where people do remember him as a football player where his name is still on the wall of fame where people still have his Jersey you will see hundreds of people wearing number thirty two simpson jerseys in the stands on Sunday afternoons for a bills home game and it's not being done ironically it's not being done to be you know to try to be funny it's you know there are people who remember him as the greatest buffalo bill ever so there are a lot of people who believed that you can still separate the art from the artist and we're talking about it lately with R Kelly or with Michael Jackson people who are willing to separate OJ Jason Art which was a beautiful running back from who he is as a person who many people believe he is as a person what was OJ's relationship elation ship with the bills like after he retired and after the homicide trial in retirement OJ Simpson Ralph Wilson became friends he would be shown at the Games that he would come in quietly or at least try to be but inevitably somebody would take his picture sitting in a in a suite everybody knew that he was he was there as the guest of the Buffalo Bills and I think that you can see Ralph Wilson's respect for Oj Simpson over the years not even after the double murder trial and all of the controversy that OJ Simpson has created in his infamy In that Ralph Wilson always refused to give out number thirty two he would not let anybody else where it and that was something that he had told people is all right when I'm dead you you can do whatever you want with number thirty two but as long as I'm alive and I'm the owner of the buffalo bills nobody else will ever wear that Jersey Loss Mr Wilson is going to be felt for a long on long time for Wilson the bills organization was his fam- Ralph Wilson then died in two thousand fourteen and yet OJ's number continued to stay out of of circulation so what do you know about the decision behind that status quo and to come in as new owners TERI and Kim Gula and all of a sudden just make it available I think what the bills were doing we're wait was waiting for somebody to ask for it and Sonora Perry said he wanted wanted to wear number thirty two said he could wear since then told the athletic whatever they do is fine with me and I should say hey this decision hasn't been the most popular why would you give it out because we're having a discussion about Oj it which we shouldn't be having the discussion about Oj and my questionnaires young man why would you want this dirty and tim what it's North Perry tell you about his decision to wear number thirty two does even associated with Oj Simpson scenarist Perry I think had to really haven't explained to him before okay before we make this official you do know everything about Oj Simpson what he meant meant to this organization on as a football player what he's meant as a touchstone really in history but I never knew any of this into two I got older which is in high school when I started really understanding because I just went thirty two does my uncle's word and what's been the reaction among fans it has it generated a buzz at all or is it sort of just been flying under the radar it has flown under the radar and what his muted this story to a a large degree is that Sonora.

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