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This is one of 43, my FM. Four people. Have lost their lives following the violent protests in the capital. Yesterday, extremist supporters of President Trump reached the U. S. Capitol, sending politicians in the hiding, sparking hours of chaos, violence an insurrection. One woman and two men suffered medical emergencies of the protest and later lost their lives. Another one was shot during a standoff inside the U. S Capitol After abandoning the proceedings, House and Senate members reconvened overnight, finally affirming Joe Biden's electoral college win. And our next president. Facebook is banning President Trump was platforms in definitely fall in the attack on the U. S Capitol yesterday. The band will not be lifted before Inauguration Day, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zucker Burg. Meanwhile, Twitter locked Trump out for 12 hours and said that future violations Could result in a permanent suspension from Twitter. When a freezer malfunctioned at a hospital in North Carolina. The staff is just over two hours to use all of the cove in 19 vaccines and have been storing breaking guidelines and bypassing priority list. It began distributing the vials for immediate use. They gave 200 doses to the county. 72 elder care facilities and began making calls to learn the public before time right out the administered all 830 doses without wasting a single one. I'm fine with that, if something happens like that, and You know, you just got to get him used before they go bad. Forget the priority list at that point, just get them in arms. That's all you can do is coming up next. What's the longest break you've ever taken from Social media? I've been texting and 31 of 43 right now texting through 143. What is the longest break you've ever taken from Social media? And then how did it go for you? Sam Smith Diamond's.

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