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In. That's a big that's a big switch. Works out. Steppenwolf? That was a whole group park students in the basement out somebody's home. So he was gonna be great. He's up. I he's up first. And then we're going to have the folks from chief O'Neill's always have modern Saint Patrick's Day, but they're celebrating their twentieth anniversary, and they had their first ever Irish spirits festival. So Chris Duffy, who's the voice of WGN radio? Join us because he just he just wants Ireland. And even though these folks that we have on the show are Irish Chris has just a great of knowledge of the distilleries, and he that was his tour. I mean, he he visited Ireland, but he also. Checked out like Jameson? Those places. So he's going to join us his pictures on Facebook looked really beautiful ashes beautiful, and then Doris Kearns Goodwin Pulitzer prize winning author and historian is gonna join us because it's the president's day weekend. And kind of talk about her list of favourite presidents stories about the Kennedys and the Roosevelt's, and yes, so usually this could be like five six guests are five six subjects in a show. It's three tonight. But a lot of good long conversation. Settle. We'll keep you awake or at least per asleep. Whatever you wanna do. All right. Well, stick around having no knowledge. I'm stick around because Dave plyer is up next. All right, guys. The Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune into the news is sponsored by. Nope. I told him not to pay. No, I threatened them with. Recording. And you could do that. Yes. I can. But he then told me when I let them out. Oh, just what you expect. It's you a one. Here's Roger badesch, overcast and twenty four at O'Hare police say the fired worker who killed five people at a warehouse and Aurora on Friday was able to buy the gun because initial background. Check didn't catch that. He had a prior felony conviction and Mississippi roar police chief Christian seems a human issue lives.

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