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And three weeks reversing diabetes and of course it has to do with the low carbohydrate i'm sure they want you just to send the money end but have you heard of these uh testimonials or or programs that guarantee reversal of diabetes in three weeks i think three weeks is putting live at a very very that's that's a very short time and then you can't re a of diabetes is something that takes a while to reverse it doesn't take three weeks you may fear over to cut back your blood sugar levels in the morning but if pay it least six months with three to six months to really see a change in the pattern of what your pancreas does uh so i think that three weeks is crazy uh and i would really uh look i mean i don't know what products it is i don't wanna talk about other products 'cause i don't know these other products all i know is that if you have diabetes uh rescue 105 max metabolite car soufriere superior omega3 fish oil uh we'll certainly uh i hope you theme if keeping your goal and so you wanna do it as i said slowly you don't wanna do it quickly uh you don't wanna have these products that really can crash your blood sugar because that can make you very feel very we busy fatigue and obviously sometimes you can even make you pass out i'd be very hard and fast because anything that's gonna reverse any the thing in three weeks thank you very much john.

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