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Then i talk a lot about purpose in i i bread some research on purpose besides the fact that if he no per year purpose e you actually can lengthen your life said the research says while yeah i want that research pass i do any thing is there has been quite a few articles i've read about the fact that when people know the not their purpose at work so much not not that i drive from here to here but more about your purposes you're bringing food to families cia's since there and when people know that bigger picture that bigger purpose it is is their focus the quality of their work how hard they were held responsible they feel for their work and in a lot of places that smissing yes it is and there are some a book called deng bill on purpose person and the on purpose businessperson by kevin mccarthy and you end up with a twoword statement for your purpose at the end of the work book and mine is at night enjoy an wants i realize that that's what i'm here to do everything filters through that before i accept doing anything because bats who i am and that's what i'm here to do so that he's actually working on a told that you can go on at app and do this little test to come out with your twoword statement and now i'm excited to be with him through that process would die it's it's really all about why am i hear like you said him once she figure that out your life simplifies it's the craziest thing but i was a conference recently and bear was a speaker named sean acre who wrote happiness advantage he made a statement and i cannot get it at keep telling everybody because it need admit so much to me and that was happiness is a choice but joy comes from fulfilling potential and i just wet.

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