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Whole dick Johnson and Johnson county jail for being allude nude toot in the news. Did you see the WGN weather guy kinda just go off the rails? Now Thursdays today. We have off the rails with rob KENDALL. You've heard him earlier. Paul Conrad is the weather. Forecasters name that does the WGN Chicago weather for their TV show. Now, the SuperStation goes all over the country. WGN a lot of people grew up watching the cubs on WGN. Like, I did they got a pretty a pretty reverent morning show. It's more like a morning radio show on TV. And it's pretty good, right? They do a great job on it. Paul conrad. It's the weather forecaster. Now, they have a segment on the show called. I want your texts. Kind of a playoff old George Michael song. I want your sex, and they have the fun music playing in the background the parody music. So what they do in this bit is the host of the show. They read like main tweets or mean texts that come in. Sometimes they're nice a lot of times. They're mean, one of the texts that they received on this said that the weather guy Paul did not read the middle bars and barometric pressure in his forecast, and they were upset about it. What are we doing? Why do you care? Villa bars in your bare metric pressure get on your phone. My. The hell it's on the screen you I'm gonna take ten minutes.

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