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Pretty much any kind of storage. You can plug an sql database in any kind of nosql databases Yeah but think about provides. The budgeting of project is a graph creamy language because it wouldn't be nothing without A matching language to create the graph. So once you got your graph and you wanna know something about it. You need a Farmer doesn't to express your intent what you want to know about graph what you want to query and this is called remnant language it's a procedural language in contrast to other languages Most notably sipho and the difference as In the declarative approach. You would kind of describe results and on the other hand what gremlin does is you will describe how to get a remnant allows you to take a look at your graph. Take a look at all devices and describe where to start on which where to stop where to go and where to fit out at just in wedges and what remains in the end is your results said so. This is like this approach better. Think it's paul though this might be up to any language theorists to determine but probably they are equally powerful in computer science as soon as kind of two incomplete everything is equally powerful right but i like the approach that gremlin takes much better and This is this is stinky pop and gremlin in a nutshell. Okay i do find that I what i'm discussing. Different languages and frameworks different ways of doing things. I i i always say. Well you know this particular thing this technique this language whatever. He's great at this problem but they will be problems that he's not so good at like could one of the things that i did a university was we studied ally but we use the language pro. Look which sounds like. It's a little bit Declarative you you declare a data set in the new. Say you know you might say You might declare a family tree. And you'll say if joan and joan have a child called jim and you say who is. Jim's mother if joan. If kim's father is it getting really confusing with my example but that that's malts reversal of data and figuring out data. You can write a calculate prologue but it won't be as As efficient as something in almost any other language right and so they're all the problem sets. I think that the work the work really well which The most work really well with graph with graph dana Even they must be Problems of work really well with graph data sets graf languages and that kind of had those kinds of techniques that that obviously other Like a. I don't wanna say sequel. But you know what i mean other kind of languages and techniques data storage methodologies. Probably don't Walks a well. Yeah i think having not used any mcgraff stuff myself other than talking to cosmos db I would say that. Yeah i think. I think perhaps graph graph q. l. graphite jazz take about. We'll obviously have a very specific set of problems that it's always really well and And the way. I as well as if a foreign language or framework of marriage the way that you approach problems a totally use that. Don't don't try and hone neuron process Problem solving process into another language or framework..

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