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Could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance visit guy go dot com or call one eight hundred nine four seven auto Denton wins accu weather says clear skies tonight with a low of sixty six in mid town many northern and western suburbs though dropping into the fifties tomorrow the last full day of summer mostly sunny warm humid high eighty four good evening I'm Donavan wins news time six thirty. good evening I'm Monique Kobyla time square is full of characters you make money by posing for pictures with tourists one such character is in trouble with the police police accuse twenty six year old Emily at the port of taking advantage of an autistic man in Times Square laporte is what's known as a just notified she goes topless and paints her breasts and allows tourists take photos of her for money the police say the thirty year old autistic man was walking through Times Square Friday on his way home from a program for people with autism the man said he wanted a photo of the women but had no money the police say laporta and another just knew that allowed him to take their photos and then walked him to an a TM where they allegedly convinced him to withdraw a hundred dollars the man's mother realized what happened when he arrived home she's the one who called the police the port is charged with grand larceny through extortion Carol Deoria ten ten wins news. news time six thirty one. Amtrak strophic center now Russ Meyer but it get evening Alex at check in on the drive in Brooklyn by where they want to be can we get it would be a top goal for you from the bell March to Atlantic.

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