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The reality of the situation they many times or in a situation where pakistan says oh we like that terrorist group are we like those tear so we're not gonna work at what is going to look the other way oh we're tired with these terrorists are this terrorist group okay well instead we'll tell america and we'll help get rid of them america will use their bombs and then we looked good this is a bad has become a bad relationship everybody should understand that everybody should get that everybody should comprehend that and all the president said was were putting america first we're not gonna send you money that's going to terrorists because you're supporting terrorists and we know it if that escalades tensions so be it but i think we have the upper hand on pakistan let me get to your phone calls one eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight eleven you can also tweet at me you can follow me at ben ferguson show on twitter and facebook ben ferguson shows where well and i read those comments let me go to keith thanks for waiting keith you're on the you're on the mark levin show been ferguson will you tonight go ahead thank you mr byrne think really appreciate you taking my call i think if we're gonna make america first we should specifically dealing with america because all these situations mr ferguson that you're talking about with north korea with iran and me and my associates aren't vested any ron um heavily for the last past ten years uh the us has created it all these circumstances even with bill clinton funding the iranian situation i mean the north korea situation um the whole situation.

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