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A little light on the tech news to we've been Kurkin is been talk about it in slack. It's just been like just it's it's July August and you're right every Sunday creation so but I bet the next week Betcha the G._O._P. Bunch of announcements next week in lieu of podcast movement and I think we'll have a special episode late in the week next week yeah a special guest in we'll probably be at least an hour talking about that. I I would imagine <hes> what the ramifications are and we'll let everybody know on on twitter facebook todd. I'm sure you'll let everybody know on facebook to come on and get that knocked out and <hes> maybe that'll be our I show for the week who knows we'll see all right folks <hes> anyway. I'm todd IT BLUEBERRY DOT COM and <hes> I try to be real slick today and make my title of my the man but it with US doubled up. He couldn't see the code loops oops. I just accidentally subtracted you from the Stream did yeah so anyway will you will <hes> Todd will bear dot com of course accurate news on twitter later rap. I found it robbery dot com. I'm on twitter at route greenlee and that's what to ease. I can be reached via email. If you have any you little tips or things you want to share with us that we can talk about on the show to Senator Rob G at Lipson DOT COM and we do take donations nations to the show. If you feel like you worthy of of the content that we're providing for you. There's a donation Lincoln at New Media Show Dot Com along. We want to make sure he gets subscribe over there as well. That's the most important thing hit the subscribe button apple podcast Google podcast whatever your poison may be where even on spotify and what's being said in the media today has wherever you can get your podcast. That's fact we are there are real. We'll see you next time here on the ship and take care. Thank you for

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