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Right. This is fourteen yards. Pat people shouldn't just ho hum about this, so you want about this. This is amazing because let's face it, this was a golf study, but more explosiveness more speed more power, this should help all sports. So if you're a tennis player, if you're a jogger if you're any kind of an athlete this has ramifications across the board. But again, these golfers one month on this ever strong powder. We're talking about today. Banging the golf ball fourteen yards further. Can you imagine? You get your bottle of every strong. You don't tell your buddies take it for a month, and you go out, and you're banging the bowl. Fourteen yards past them. They don't know what hit them while I would just got a few minutes left here. I want you to recap this amazing story today about creating what you like to call the molecule of strike, who needs it. And what about this double free bottle offer today with the ever strong, plus the b twelve energy melts. You know what Pat, my one concern with fish show? Is that literally it sounds too good to be true, right? Like, when I tell folks about every strong. I'm afraid they're going to think I'm making this up. It's not possible. Right. You know, I know how you feel because six seven eight years ago when I started to read about creating, I almost couldn't believe it. I said to myself if it's really this good with an excellent safety profile. How I'm everybody's not using it, but I started to use it, and I noticed some incredible benefits, it's just phenomenal. And it's as simple as this, you're gonna get on the ever strong, you're gonna try it. You're going to get stronger your. Going to get more powerful, you can look in the mirror and see the difference. There's hundreds and hundreds of human studies backing this stuff. These aren't studies with a hamster in a lab somewhere. We're talking Uman studies. I call stuff muscle fertilizer. It's that great. And of course, we didn't just add to create pure creatine. We've discussed that we had to the fruit XP remember that joint health. We ended the coffee berry extract that nominal antioxidant. That's more potent than blueberries and strawberries for powerful antioxidant protection. I added the vitamin d because it's so important across the board, right for bone health, but also for seniors vitamin d so important for muscles, especially as we get older for strength and coordination. So this is a very comprehensive formula again. This would easily cost you eighty ninety a hundred bucks to replicate on your own. But today, it's free. And not only that, let's not forget about the b twelve energy melts, Pat, 'cause we're talking about energy here today. And when you think energy, you think b twelve b twelve is critical for making red blood cell. Elves to carry oxygen to the two shoes, the by ten in there is great for the hair skin and nail. So just make sure you're one of the first and callers. That's the only catch on this whole show. Don't be calling number fifteen hundred. You're not gonna get it. Be one of the first thousand callers, get your free bottle of every strong, get your free b twelve energy melts. It's six ninety five that's it. You're just paying for the shipping, and if you don't notice the benefits that we've discussed today, Purity's happy to give you back your six ninety five but that's not gonna happen. It never happens. People love this formula. You're gonna tell your friends relatives loved ones. You're gonna fall in love with the ever strong and beat twelve energy melts fascinating information as always. Thank you for your.

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