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Her rape. He will tell you about movies, go, Bryan. We'll review that. He. The big screen this net. Flicks. Full you spend remember his face. Transform to array full. Us is in theaters now, I mentioned a couple of days ago. I of course, sort of resisted doing this because one of my least favorite things is to should I'm movies. I want every movie I go to see to be good. It's one thing of like some big bloated studio. Focus group made by committee, just uninspired money grab that's one thing. But like Jordan Peele wrote and directed this movie. Like, he he's passionate about to some degree. There is some you know, some authorship here. I agree. Outside step. Well, first off, it's drew. But also a lot of people might be thinking about seeing this movie, and maybe you could take their fourteen dollars directed towards something, you know, that was more deserving. I mean, look at that. It is people are pretty are pretty limited. I'll probably see a movie in theater four or five times a year. Somebody stops me from seeing one move. I wish I could have stopped from seeing the bohemian rhapsody pointed myself another direction, I guess. Okay. Fair enough. So us theaters now it is rented by Jordan Peele. You've course know him Kim peel, of course, but he wrote and directed get out huge phenomenon. A couple of years ago this one stars LaPorta neon. Go who might know from twelve years. A slave is very very good net. Winston Duke, Elizabeth moss. And Tim hi decker are also in this says at ninety four percent rotten tomatoes, which we discussed just sixty nine. Percent. But the audience, I'm I'm. Naive enough to think that that. It's not a woke thing with critics like they're not trying to be politically, correct. They're just trying to not be caught on the wrong side of the cool, new filmmaker. But who knows what the discrepancy could be. It's just I think it's just not that good of a movie. So here's the how much do you guys know about the movie, I don't know anything quite a bit because I really didn't plan on seeing it. So I read a lot of spoiler. So I'm trying I successfully somehow voided seeing any trailers and commercials. I saw billboards can help us either billboards there's everywhere at least in LA. So I I don't know exactly what everyone knows about the tread lightly. Because there's a lot of reveals it's it's a horror thriller lot of reveals a lot of twists and things like that. The basically the movie opens with young girl like the neon go age nine she's at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk with their family and a carnival rise. Now, all that stuff. And she's. Kinda wanders off on her own. What you shouldn't do, and she ends up sort of in this house of mirrors, funhouse, you know, lose yourself kind of thing. And she sees something that startles her and her face gets a gas, which is a great moment. It's just a great cinematic mowing this little kid with just aghast face cut. The black movie starts, that's like the preamble. Right. And then we get to modern day where we have grow. That's nice eighty six. We have grown up lupita now that presumably the young girls grownup..

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