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But i think there's still going to be really good now. Let's do this again with mac john's because he's the guy it happens every year and there's going to be other players as well. We all know this if evolved the nfl draft. There's players that all of a sudden he started to see their stock. Just slowly climb. What's going on with this guy like the second round pick. What the heck mack jones. You trading up for mack jones brian. I would like to invoke my inner freddie. Mercury from queen's bohemian. Rasp when i say no no no no no no no no. The guy had all the weapons in the world. He should have not been a heisman. Finalists i do not like mac jones. I know yet. Good senior bowl i. He is not first round talent in my eyes. Everybody can come at me. That's fine but he's not not trade enough for this guy he's a. I think he's a second of best. Probably a third round quarterback dave mack. John's no take the words. Ohio state from justin fields. put in the words alabama. I'll say the same thing it's the same. It's one of those things did when you have a very strong program. All around your quarterbacks are going to look better. And who's the last. Who's the last alabama quarterback that was that really did a lot in the nfl. I always remember 'cause. I don't watch college football if you know what. I mean. a quarterback j. Now joe nemeth maybe say is no or bryant. Only judging hot girlfriends is that what. It is davis. This guy has been putting us in there The steelers up. Sorry wrong one. Steelers fan eighteen twenty. Three let me find it. He's been saying over and over again. Dave the answer a question. The greatest ohio state quarterback in the nfl. Was mike tomczak here it is. I don't even know the thompson. Besser gathered is above might be. I don't know if the greatest nets all you need to know it. Regards quarterbacks i don't i watched This is what i like to do. I like to go onto specific youtube. Channels that breakdown players and they show a lot of film and then i'll watch some game film of the player and i've watched mack jones film. I've watched trae lands Kyle trask in other ones from florida. That i watch. He's not considered a first-round pick. But i was curious. Matt jones is a. I don't think there's anything special to me at all about this guy. He's more of a traditional quarterback. I'm looking for someone with a little bit of mobility He doesn't have that. Some people are saying is next. Tom brady a. I don't know about all that. We'll see but i'm passing big time on natura uneven. Even passing on these air twenty four brian. Are you do in the same. Oh no i don't want anything to do with them. Okay dave's aim same. all right. very maybe if he's around to think about it you yeah and that's fine but you just don't wanna do the already burns here. You just don't wanna do the j. p. lows men like the bills did because they had to have a quarterback. You just don't wanna pick you. You don't wanna pick the position and that would be picking the position if you ask me. Yeah okay. let's go into some trivia. Now we have be able to take our time with us. dave go ahead fire some trivia. Atas twelve if you've been following my series on behind this curtain dot com your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers every thursday. I think the first week might have been on a friday but around thursday. I've been looking at a draft class from the steelers. I started with two thousand four. And i've been going up each week described. Tell you all the players were the in the draft class so and how their careers panned out. Well something was very interesting. When i when for the one today which was the class of two thousand nine and it was at the steelers had back to back picks in that draft. And i know you guys both new this because you of course. You've read the article. So i couldn't ask specifically about that but then i got to thinking. Is this something that happens. A lot with the steelers. So i went all the way back. Year-by-year myself is looking it up all the way back to two thousand nine hundred seventy the merger sets the merger. How many times do you think the steelers have had back to back. Picks in the nfl draft. You know it's at least one. I'm going to say just once. Say actually i know it's been more than that. I can't tell you who. I'm going to see three k. It's so funny. Because every time i hear this number i think the episode of friends when she just at the end just puts up seven Seven times seven times had ex. Here's what's even crazier. There was one sees that they had back to back picks two times in the same draft. Just so happens to be the first draft that was ever televised. that was. i'm gonna say nine thousand nine hundred and you would be correct brian. Anthony davis it was nine hundred eighty. They and that's what's crazy with both of these picks they had the last pick of one round and the first pick of the next round. Of course the last bit. Because they won the super bowl and seventy but in rounds nine nine and ten they had picked to forty nine hundred fifty and then around eleven twelve. They had three or five three zero six but would ask one last question about this. The highest they've ever drafted with back-to-back picks. Was there back. Toback picks in the third round picks number. Seventy three and seventy four. Any idea what year who may be one of the players would have been there if you can remember your your your draft because this one is i'll say this it's not. It's since the.

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