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This has been a great day defence what has harmed them over the years uh throughout the former tenure really that their offense has been way below average uh the first year he was there adrian peterson uh was suspended for most season so they didn't have that didn't have him and then last year teddy bridgewater uh towards me up in in in the preseason themselves uh they've been extenuating circumstances but the bottom line is uh this team does not get a lot above the because it's hard to envision that's defense only keane made me a big on um and so the question is is there off has their offense taken enough of a step this summer to temerity uh any kind of buzz in i guess the answer is to be determined to sign spend a lot of money in their offense wine and riley reefs that was going to be the west hackel has been out almost the entire camp because of a back injury he suffered on the first day and so they're line is already low on saddled with kbs murray was supposed to be one of the day running backs has been on the pup throughout camp because of ankle surgery that ad should still not ready yet uh the alan cooke the rookie has looked pretty good but this is not an a team that's going to have a really explosive offense on mice i'm really miss uh judging this uh what i see um they might be a little bit better but and l still a team right now it looks like it would have to win a lapse that he'd thirteen thirteen 10 type games kevin will back to the hall of fame we have to terrific running backs or going in tonight with terrell davis and dini tomlinson it down to rise who was the better quarter who is a bit of running back that you enjoyed watching the most um your carol david came out of nowhere i mean he was not a guy that.

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