Barack Obama, President Trump, Bill Clinton discussed on Red Eye Radio


Almost exclusively on that at times that's that's how they judged obama it was that that speech the dnc speech that he gave that people said well hey man i need to run for president while then you have a bill clinton same thing but what about their actions bow obama hasn't as far as we know had any affairs have been accused of abusing or a raping anyone but bill clinton was at that point was getting away with the according to the allegations with criminal behavior and now the monica lewinsky thing the affair and something that i have said since the beginning he was the most powerful man in the world and she was an intern they keep saying consensual but really wasn't i say that as a father of women and it was always a concern for me now the left is basically playing that same thing those were really the the that was the tone of the questioning on the today show when you see you know kathleen willey juanita broderick slow getting publicity and you know we're we're talking twenty years later right that you know they're still you know making the the appearances and they probably also sense that the you know because of the hashtag metoo movement more people are willing to of listen to them but we have said for years i mean when when we started hearing well you know maybe we shouldn't have treated bill clinton l shut up if hillary was elected today nobody would be talking about bill clinton you realize that the clintons are finally used up they're not gonna help you in your day to day political agenda anymore so you're now dumping them in moving on it and you and i playing the evan thomas we weren't on red eye yet we had our old show but you know it was evan thomas i believe in and was was he on with a with chris matthews where he was talking about you know obama being godlike right he hovers hoppers he hovers above all of the fray and people forget about how he was he this he was worshipped i don't sense that anymore i think he would get the complementary yes we was your president against trump but think about that in the in the very very beginning people worshiped him well chris matthews who talks about the other day on on morning joe about the elitists in the party and how he doesn't care.

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