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Morning, I'm sue Guzman. A man is facing charges after allegedly raping a child at LeBron's daycare center. Police say sixty year old Berta Hernandez sexually abuse the young girl for four years while she was between the ages of six and ten the activity allegedly happened at the Maria Cortes daycare center, which Hernandez has run with his wife for over two decades detective say the child who south thirteen disclosed what happened on Wednesday and officers later went into arrest. The man Hernandez is facing numerous charges, including rape and criminal sex act. Fifty five hundred dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. After someone threw a puppy and awaited cage into a pond in west Milford, New Jersey, causing it to drown Michelle vanderploeg found the dog while walking in the area. She was very hard and cold almost seemingly to me frozen. It was horrific. I immediately felt like I was going to throw up ten Rico golden retriever puppy was found submerged Jennings pond yesterday shortly before. Three PM the last resort rescue is offering that reward. Now in the hopes that someone who saw something we'll come forward lead to an arrest. The chairman of the House Judiciary committee is confirming attorney general Bill bar is backing out of plans to appear before a scheduled hearing today bar objected to propose changes, and they hearings format but chairman Jerry Nadler of New York says that's not something he gets to dictate committee will convene at nine o'clock tomorrow morning as planned by colleagues be present. I hope expect that the general think overnight and will be there as well testified before the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday defending his actions in the release of the mullahs report. Bronx father's been indicted on murder manslaughter charges for allegedly throwing his infants onto the floor because he wouldn't stop crying. Prosecutors say twenty four year old Christian Rodriguez was ordered held without bail. And the death of one month old Aiden infants suffered brain trauma and a skull fracture in the incident and the families apart on east two hundred. Thirty seven th street by Saint Ann's avenue on March eighteenth police are investigating after a small plane made an emergency landing in Staten Island last night the plane landed safely Miller field in the new door section. John Consol Vos sitting in his car the parking lot when it happens. Sit in my car like this mesmerized. Thank God the kids. Our hia does only four five, and then the coaches just whatever kids would have told him to come by the plane had just the pilot on board and successfully came down on the crass. Nobody was injured. The pilot has not.

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