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Coaching football. You are a legend for doing something. Say i mean it's mental. What news from the other side of the atlantic. Afc richmond announced the hiring of their new manager. American football coaches had last year on american is now in charge of full slump despite possessing very little knowledge know. Afc richmond is going to give you everything they got win or lose all tie right. Y'all do you see that. He must be from england. Yeah another country yes. No how many countries are in this country for man. Let me tell ya. Same thing happened. I have been watching ted less for the last forty eight hours. Man i am hooked on. I started watching season. One and i know i'm late to the game man. That's how with their own man. I same thing. With game of thrones man. I just i was late. I started watching it and just couldn't stop watching episodes man. I've been watching. This marathons of of ted laso should the other night. I went to bed and could not sleep and it was because of ted lhasa and find out what's don't happen to ted man. This show. i do watch the show. Yes i have my friend in dallas on the visit him and he kept talking about it and he has apple tv so he sat me down to watch a bunch and despite him the entire time. And i mean the entire time going. Watch this part. this is funny coming up here. You got to see this watch watch. i'm watching. It was like watching it with less experience but despite him doing it the entire time. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. And i get why people like it because it is a show where you think okay. It's going to have some cynical bite to it but not this character is. it's refreshing. Want something like man when people said that this was a feel good show. Because everybody's talking about you getting tired of life pandemic and you down stupid as people ruining your day cut on ted last. I've said i'll be damned. They are right. Yeah got me. Feeling a little porn moustache. She got his optimism. But you got the shame from game. Yeah man that chick is fine. Because i remember everybody told us they said look is it may not that that none that was bringing that bill say they say man look up in real life and jesus hannah wedding wedding ham. She sold yeah sheets. She's about as tallish. Game of thrones too but yeah man he's characters so you haven't seen this show. I'm just telling you to give it a chance man. Because i'm glad i got on it because the show is getting so many good reviews people talking about it so much people love and his show. I'm sure i'm gonna catch it at the point where people gonna be like man fuck dish. So that's the only go that's already started. I just read at the beginning of last week. There's now the taylor lasts backlash. Backlash is good is yet right. You somehow makes this show is it and all that. Oh he's he's too nice. That's not realistic off. Ted laso backlash course. Wow it just started your fresh on. That bart jesus. I'm so glad. I got in here. Because i can hear people now. Wow you guys. Reload ted lasso. He's really annoying young that to manage show so phoning shows too hard to make you feel good. I heard the backlash. But i'm sure that that's coming up in new york. Jesus christ just won't shut up. How do you people like this guy. Fuck do all right. Everyone raised about this show. I watch is i. i guess. That's alright people will. Then you know what i'm not hip pretentious. Fuck like you. Lhasa ted last saw was it. Good and i have some things i complain about in there but man this show is just. It's just funny. Hit the okay. So if you haven't seen the show ted. Lasso is an american football coach. He teaches them or he's coached american football and people just love him because of his optimistic spirit and attitude man. The guys always always has always no matter how you try to bring him down he always you always has like a saying he always has like a quip. You always have joke. Y'all have something to respond to whatever negativity you're bringing in this situation. Oh well you ain't gonna bring ted down. Ted's gonna bring you right back up. Yeah he gets over there and he gets met with good old british sarcasm and just aggression and it just bounces off like anybody else would have been like. Fuck you guys. He doesn't let that happen. Yeah anybody would have been like especially americans. Yeah oh yeah yeah. America's would have been like. Fuck you you say. Hey would rub it in. Yeah but they meet many media in the whole country about why. Why a wakeup. And i'm not gonna say too much. But they he's been set up to fail when he's been called over to do this. And because these two different sports man. He's coached football not soccer. Which is their football so when they bring him over. And i'm not gonna have the details because you you know. The plays out throughout the series. But he's been brought over to pretty much just mess up. Man just messed the whole thing because he doesn't know soccer that's exactly why he's there because he's going to make the team moves in. The you know wasn't any jason davis. Yeah yeah i like him. Anyway so i'm already partial one of my favorite actors man. I've i am so happy for him because he was a net. Oh it jesse owens movie or something. He was he was in that he was so good in that movie man and he was one. His first time on. Doing dramatic acting are dramatic role in the movie. Just kind of all right and he got looked over for it. And i was like. It's been a better movie. Everybody talking about jesus today actor he is and so now. he's getting his chance. So i'm a little biased. Anyway because i like that guy so much. Now he's super talented. And he kills it here. Yeah but as mandated it. Don't get me wrong. Look unknown if you watch the show. I'm saying things you already heard. Let me just have my time. No corey the backlash is happening. You cannot have phony more before y'all let me just give you one last. Bit of ted lasso optimism before all these haters start trying to bring this showdown which you say. It's already going on. Because listen i'm going to be honest with you the way i really did start watching the show and get into. It is because of something stupid. I mean people now. This is probably was getting mad at the people. The the shows become so popular. Daddy just up. Stupid controversies over. So there's an award you all right martin. I want you because you're going to get you're going to do one thing you roll your gonna look at me like i say it's like it's my fault. Y'all been worn. I really have my interest. Pete because of some stupid has articles out there talking about one of the actors. Here brett goldstein. They say you know something. We don't even believe he's human. He's cgi people at this and he looks like a character from fifa to like. I saw this today. Facebook on facebook. And i've seen this read this and look i'll be honest with you. Is i say silly. But a looked at the pictures. Like i can see it. Yeah i kind of can't tell me if you've seen footage of the story mode. It's like look pretty realistic. And now it's like yeah. I.

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