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Jesse go listening for firestorm. The nuclear man conscious. How would you say this appeals to the firestorm the nuclear man consumer. Yeah let's see. Do we have any characters and bubble who are. Oh i guess we do so if you like so. I pretty pretty. There's a there's a direct link so firestorm. The nuclear man obviously is to two men who joined to become one b which is basically all the bad guys in bubble. Yeah so if you like to consciousnesses merging into one. You'll love bubble. It's all over that ship. This'll be great for fans of avatar porn parodies to crank it too sexy cat people who fuck with their hair. Got some links for for people if you want to upload your preorder receipt get that bonus stuff mentioned a bit dot l. y. slash bubble preorder and Hey i don't think we've mentioned this yet on the show. But we're having a virtual launch events. Tickets were a little bummed. Certainly that we can't do you know cons and and You know In person signings or anything like that but this is kinda cool because we get to do a virtual thing and everybody can attend regardless of region. we're having a virtual launch event Serotonin i will be there Talking about the book. The great dave holmes will be there Crystal alonzo lies skinner. Keith powell travis mcelroy. Clint mcelroy and A musical interlude from any harsh who did the Who did the bubble score any heart. Of course From the great brand or four simone and She'll she'll be doing a little music performance and Yeah we're gonna have a lot of fun with that you can. Rsvp to that By going to bit dot l. y. slash bubble g. n. launch bubble jian launch It's july fifteenth eight. pm eastern but I think if you sign up at that. Rsvp they'll send it to you after it's done if you wanna watch it on your own time watch live. It'll be fun. we're gonna have a nice time. I get it together. America and points abroad. Sure get your gear fucking act together by this fucking book. Look good bad cop jordan. And sarah both good cops on the bad cop. Get your fucking act together. We're looking evil. Mario kreis yet. Don't be a worry. Oh yeah be a yoshi buyers fucking book. I'm so excited for this book launch. I call wait. It's gonna be great it's going to be one. Am gmt so. I will be mad on coffee and it's going to be great. Yeah sarah's british people come and yeah. This was so fun. This is like making the podcast was such a thrill and i was so like happy with it and then to like get to do this version with sarah one of The the coolest funniest smartest people i've ever met was such a such a thrill and Yeah it was so cool to to get to do this with you. I'm so glad you so glad you said you would do it. Yeah it was such a joy to adapt it like it was already burnt. Funniest us and it was just a great thing to to help with adapting it for for the page and i hope people like i'm sure older to underscore fans will Will love it. Rubble is available. This coming week in your local bookstores. you can order it online right now you can pre-order it at your local bookstore And You definitely should. Unless you're chump. Be aware wary laura dracula. Our producer is brian sunny d. fernandez val moffitt there a live streaming this to our internet's Our theme music is love. You by the free design. Courtesy of the free design and light in the attic records if you have corrections at gs tv on twitter. Let s. t. tv. You know i was watching some gas tv and they got a maria menounos now. Oh that's a good. Get for them very good for her. Good for gs tv. It sounds like a match made in heaven. Can i just say one thing jordan. Yeah i've been working television in a few years. I you know we laugh and joke a lot about gas station tv. But i mean i just want them to know i'm available. Wow okay i'll go work with menounos. Hashtag jesse four gs tv. Yeah come on gas station. Let me in there. What do you want to host for gas station. Tv if you could pick anything. I mean gas station. Tv my first thought is something about well. You got a bunch of uncles interests..

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