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It weird league did relieve some of the pressure of it being the very first script that he was writing because no one really expects a script that you right and only three days to be very good so he was like well. This is what it is so gretchen. That's so interesting. The greg daniels did that. We'll see this is the thing. I would never have thought of that because i always feel like more time makes me less anxious. I assume everybody else feels the same way. But when you put it this way it makes perfect sense grudge. One really nice thing is that it lowers expectation like you feel like yes pressure actually deliver a great script in three days than you would in a week right or if you give someone you're like oh you've got to take a stab at the annual report. Get it to me by wednesday like well. What can you expect. It's the annual report by the middle of the week. I'll do my best. But no one's expecting a polish finished product and that makes you less anxious. And then maybe i especially for some people. It probably would help them get started with lowering anxiety. Yes in gretchen. I wonder if this is related to your know yourself better question of are you a marathoner sprinter. Well that's interesting because this has to do with work pace and marathoners are people like me and you where we like to have more time. We don't like to be up against a deadline. We like to work steadily with with a lot of cushion and then sprinters really like being up against a deadline. They like you know they feel like they're they're kind of their energy and their creativity is crystallized by urgency. So i can see how sprinters would like to work less time. But i think maybe marathoner paradoxically might also benefit because it would relieve that. It's another way to relieve pressure. One way to relieve pressure plenty of time to do a great job another way to relieve pressures feeling. It doesn't have to be so great. Yeah and this could apply to many things not just script writing thinking. I could apply this to planning a trip. Like just say okay. I have to plan the trip in an afternoon. Yeah and then it's like and it's going to be what it is not feel like i have to look at every single hotel and every place you know. It's kind of related to decision fatigue. Yes which makes me think this might be a good thing for questioners. Because one of the ways that questioners can defeat this analysis paralysis to give themselves deadlines so maybe they should actually short a deadline to make sure that they kind of say. This is how much time. I wanna give to something and i'm just going to do the best that i can't and i can also imagine that procrastinators would find this helpful so one thing you always sale. It's bit is that action is the antidote to anxiety. And i think for some people saying you need to start now and finish quickly is a way to get started. And to and by lowering expert expectations lower than anxiety whereas a more distant deadline feels more intimidating because that's when sort of perfectionism can set in and perfection is is sparked by anxiety about feeling anxious about the final product. This way you're like. Yeah do what you can. It is what it is exactly. it's funny. How often lowering expectations improves life. Yes we'll let us know if you do try this at home. And how giving yourself less time works for you or if you as in the case of greg daniels you you used it on someone else. Let us know about that to let us know an instagram.

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