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Wait, Wait when I played four games with the Los Angeles Rams, Okay, so they caught one pass 1 18 yards from gym. Every remember that password pass, it was slant. Knows Deep square in, okay? In the My mind. It's always just been the big egg out. Nana, Hi, first and goal at the 82 receivers to the left in line. Adam's emotion from right to left shotgun snap comes to Roger's head high gives laughter Williams and Jamal Williams fights his way inside the five, nudging the ball just across the five yard line. What's second goal, you know for old school? Football efficient autos who first tenant is to be able to run. Stop the run. So far, the Packers have been able to run on what was supposed to be a very, very imposing brands defense. They've held the ball for over 17 minutes in his first half grams of added for eight total minutes. I think the Packers would like to hold it in the end zone for like one second here second go on the four yard line motion across the table on Austin to give this to Williams. Williams dedicates clouds up the right hash and pulled down with one Third and goal at the one yard line. Erin Donald the first ram to get there and bring Jamal Williams to the turf, but it's third down and goal. You know that Jets Week motion that's behind the line of scrimmage that snap is gone. About the same time he's near the center knew the gardener and it just divert the eyes of the linebackers. You've got to take notice of that. And even if you're the guy who has the edge, you've got to make sure that tape on Austin doesn't get that hand off and just run straight to the pilot third down and goal. The ball inside the 22 receivers left was art in the slot, right? Running back is Aaron Jones Rogers in the gun along the right hash and he'll call time out. Wait until that clock ran down a little bit. Didn't like what he saw,.

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