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Come get me i will interim my my credit card in my password and then that can go forward that to me feels like a it feels like a reasonable control here because again i don't need a when lake stopping me from spending hundred dollars on skull girls at all by i really do feel seriously about this like my former disruption colleague steve lubad's make i saw all the thought he had to put into the games as children played in i think it's something that just nonparents like myself i just think it's a world we don't think about very much yeah yeah i definitely agree with that and i i wonder i guess what oh how what this solution is because i mean this is one of the things we wrote about it pixel can quite a bet was there is a lot of detailed like more indepth information about game content on the east or be website but i didn't know that before i started working there and spent a lot of time on the esrb website that information is an on a game box 'cause it's a lot of information and boxes are hideous already so it it there is a real gap that needs to be cross between parents and end information about game like there there is a gap that that information needs to get to parents and their right now there is not a way that that's happening um having browse the the comments on this polygon article about the proposal most of them seemed to be of the the consensus that this is a halfstep and then it's not enough so.

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