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Either going to be saying one of six things it's either debbie faster or slower louder a softer a longer or shorter and in many ways you have to her what may be in the printed in need what you're looking for so in effect you are changing perhaps what is on the page as far as actual creativity i think it's very important not just for conductors but for every musician at sit down and try to create something out of nothing the reason for that is that it puts us in touch with the creative spirit we are recreativo's when we are playing the violin or singing or waving our arms but understanding the effort if jakes shehu just a name culture the twelve notes we have and trying to make something out of them that didn't exist before it zhu to be to uh press perhaps aeneas about a beethoven brahms schubert whoever happens the music russians also have their own ideas about this mentioned slovene bhd there's a story a buddy britain by of the trump player yells at the end of a of a piece too damn loud and too damn fast the up well there's another famous where peter shikli in his assessing a guest on this show and discussing with something of pd who bok didi cuba cata pillow in which was embroidered uh the words fasts is good loud is better faster and louder is a now a ahead will you started studying musa have become must be a begin fairly young to become the top level musician uh i don't know always the case it happened with me because virtually every member of my immediate family word musicians than i was exposed to all kinds of music from the earliest age personally i began playing the violin what i was three realized there wouldn't be as good as my father's sort quit that than i took up the piano at age eight new i wouldn't be as good as my uncle so i quit that i took up the viola later because china was out of the question we already had four generations of cellist the family there was no hope for that all my brother dubbed the prince tells over the.

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