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These he's the best best ami of the paul finebaum show podcast hi hello welcome into the paul finebaum show no it is not paul finebaum as you can tell by the hair and the energy and all what not it is peter burs in for mr paul finebaum the mouth of the south you can hit me up on twitter at peter burns espn gotta fund show because you know anytime that i get an opportunity to come in and hang out with a fine moms right i get all excited because i'm looking at the call line right now they are already full well done and we're going to have a little marcus spears in action he's going to be joining me in studio a little bit later let's go ahead and start right into it because there's a ton of stuff to get into the headlines alabama announces a home in home series with notre dame that's right it's a shame mark kubiak is not here because he's got to be so disappointed in the fact that he didn't get a chance to talk about this now when they are going to be playing that's a great question i think we'll hopefully we'll all be alive at that point twenty twenty eight the game will be played in front of touchdown jesus in front of the crowd in south bend and twenty twentynine it'll be well in front of other football jesus that his bear bryant and nick sabin those statues in us clues we'll nick sabin be there in twenty twenty eight twenty nine i think we'll have some fun with some sec headlines from ten years from now other news coming around how about this world's greatest fifty leaders well forbes and fortune magazine have come out and put their top fifty of the world's greatest leaders mister town himself nick sabin has come in at number.

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