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In the month of January every every day you could read one chapter someone. Nineteen is an excellent song. spoken up in Chunks of eight verses. This and it's all focused on God's word and the law So maybe you could just take a section of eight verses everyday every day and meditate on that journey is something that I know we both have done and That can be really helpful practice. Listen if you take you know. Thirty one days of proverbs or those eight verses from Psalm One nineteen just go through there and right out one thing adding that God one verse God uses in your heart and how that applies to your life. Yes and I know when I write down my thoughts as I'm studying kind of like I'm rambling on the page. So it helps me. It helps me. Meditated helps me Tho- hone in my thoughts of okay riders saying this and then he goes to this and so this is the conclusion that's how he gets there it didn't it helps me solidify and understand what's going on in the passage much better. Yes for sure Several months ago. Oh I got just a cheap paperback Bible. I actually found it from a used bookstore I have loved using that Bible up just to make notes in because it was so inexpensive. I don't feel like I have to You know treat it with so much much care like I do my Esp Study Bible. That's that was a bit more money and a gift from my husband's But this paperback by will I can't just I throw in my bag and I've taken it to the playground with my kids. I'll let my kids use it and read out of it. I'm reading through the Bible this year. So I've actually been and checking off chapters as I read it and it's really helpful to kind of Digest the word in that way because it's more a part of my daily life instead of just okay. I read from this Bible and I put it on my nightstand. Stays the rest of the day. This this little piggybacked Bible has been a nice thing to more make part of my day sometimes even leave it on the kitchen counter open to the passengers readings that if I have you know a few minutes while I'm waiting for something to heat up in the microwave. I can just read a few verses from the average the jobless studying So that's that's even another thing I've done to try to be creative in how I get God's word in my mind and heart yes right now in my own. Study doing the book of Fijian's and the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Fijian's as a a letter to the Church of ethicists so years ago I kind of stumbled upon this method study by accident. But I'm reading the entire book in one setting and takes about fifteen minutes to re all but each day reading the entire book and it would. I'm reading it. How Pala ridgely minute to be read? But because I'm having such a a a big picture of it I see how stuff in chapter after one relates to stuff in chapter three and I can identify You know how he moves from thought to thought so much better since. I'm reading all at once but it's not too repetitive. From me because I mix things up like you said I may be listened to the the passage one day instead of reading it because it uses a different part of my brain listening than reading so I pick up different things or maybe maybe another day. I read it from a different translations. So I see how the translators are using different words to convey the idea so it has made the book of Fijian's hands come alive to me a lot more so this this method it helps me understand that book a whole lot better but obviously you don't want to do that with the book of Isaiah because you'd spend half your reading So it it is useful that method of reading the same thing every day. I'm doing it for the month. The month of December But that is one idea to for a more in depth that you can just do some repetitive stuff. And it's also getting the scriptures into my mind more so it's almost it's almost memorization. Yeah that's that is great and looking for themes to another if you do. Maybe a abroad study of reading through the Bible in a year looking king four themes throughout the scripture can really help you tie in the overarching story of scripture Looking for maybe the theme name of blood How in in the Old Testament No? It's it's the sin is removed with the sacrifice of the animals in the bloodshed and then in the New Testament it all points to the need for a redeemer the need for a savior and that is Jesus. Maybe tracing the theme of the presence of God I'm chasing the theme of even I'm rebellion and obedience. Seeing being who reveals what happens to them who obeys and what happens to them so many different themes that can just keep your mind engaged at reading and I think that's that is the struggle With Bible reading as we constantly have to keep your mind engaged engaged It can be easy just to get into a habit which is a good thing we should be having. It also has side side effects of sometimes you get in the habit and then you can't board and so the the constant need to keep my mind engaged engaged in okay. What is this saying? Why does he use this word on Wednesday night at my church? We're going through the book of James and this past it's Wednesday talked through the I I in James Two says my brother show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord. Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory. Sorry one of the things that we're talking about is why does he say the Lord of Glory Right there like why. Why does he take time and to say that? He could've just said as you. Hold the faith in our Lord. Jesus Christ but he goes on to say the Lord of Glory and the next several versus talks about how. We shouldn't show partiality if we see someone who's rich and someone who's poor weather in finances ince's or social status or influence. We shouldn't treat one better than the other in Sa- going back to that phrase. He is the Lord of Glory. We talked about how if God it is glorious in our minds then it really levels out human nature And if we view guide as the most glorious person than we won't view other people in that way low them just as as God's creation and it will allow us to love them and treat them the way that God treats them and so even just that one little four word phrase the Lord of Glory. There's so much packed in there. That was such a blessing and we took time to really really mine it out yet. Keeping the minds engage is really important especially with me. I've never been able to read through the Bible in one year so I kind of get discourage since two or three year person for reading through the Bible but still good. That's so good. I think point is just to make it a daily daily apart it if it's not a year that's okay yes But one study. I've done when I read through. The Bible is God's promises and I remember it does their alike Mine's like little collections. That you can spot route the scriptures of promises they kind of come in groups for the most part but it is amazing when you hit those that the rider has spent so much time developing. Your God is in the passages before that promise that suddenly the promise comes and you realize whoa in this promise is so much more powerful because I have just been reading whom I got it so even that hi level of engaging for me in my two or three year study of scripture Looking out for those little nuggets. Even even though they're dot evenly spread out was just so much more fun. Yes 'cause I keep finding gems and powerful and how how. I viewed the thought process behind the riders in each of their books. So that was encouraging for me to yes that does that is really great. One other idea with a Bible study plan something I did several years ago. I found on Several free online studies that Jen Wilkin wrote and she also has audio recorded with them and so so maybe five or so years ago I found a study on Joshua and I asked a friend of mine from Church if she wanted to do that. Study with me And so we ended up doing that printed out the workbook and distinct to the book of Joshua we called once. It's a week and talked about a couple main things that stood out to us and then prayed together And this idea of Bible study is new whether it is these are not honestly That is such a great idea because it's helpful for you. It's accountability but it's also helpful for someone else and your relationship That was just a special time for us to get to know each other better as sisters sisters in Christ this fellow believers And so you know maybe think of someone in your church That you could linkup linkup with and encourage each other in your study of the word and here's a great free resource that you could use to do that. Yes I know my husband has done that. Eh Accountability with Some friends this past year and isn't even a conversation once a week they just text each other in the morning. Hey I read the passage wjr and this particular verse was such an encouragement that here my thoughts on it. So it's a two minute time commitment each morning but it it's encouragement that you know someone else is spending that time in the morning so it doesn't have to be a huge official plan and go to this coffee shop and spend one hour discussing. It's whatever works into your schedule. Yeah Yeah for sure that's great and kind of along those lines for those listening and you are not familiar with Bible liable. Study you've not really done it before. Don't let a huge time commitment. Be a discouragement to you because you can start. Small like Krista was saying eight verses day in just meditate on what those verses mean and You can grow from there so start with something and just keep going any other thoughts Krista on for those beginning. Yeah you know I really really just encourage you to pray about it and make this a matter that you take before God because he wants you to. We know him through his word even more than you do. That's why he's he's given it to us. He's preserved it through thousands of years So that we can know him and love him with all our heart soul mind and strength in how we can engage our mind in his word And Yeah I love that idea of just starting with something that you can commit to. I'm doing every day. Accountability is so helpful for me. Because I know someone else is going to be asking me. It's just another motivation And Ideally Navy. We would all be motivated just out of the good intentions of hearts but we are human and So having someone else check on us you know getting some gold old stars and feeling calendar Because even even things like that are check marks or whatever it helps us see how how consistent we actually are doing. Because I've had habits in my life before where I feel like I'm very consistent but then I actually start keeping track. uh-huh oh okay. I was only drinking this much water every day. Instead of commerce. I was so keeping track. Having someone else help help you do that..

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