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That's just discussed so far with with me in my valuations because you're doing the stuff that doesn't necessarily show up on stats sheet, but it shows up on the tape in its helping your teammates look better. I just really like the player. I think he's played really well yet row quick. Just wanna, bring up personal played. The second most. Snaps on the defensive line is our boy Antoine woods. He's stud twenty seven, twenty seven snaps. He had a shared sack with Tyrone Crawford. I believe. I really don't think I've seen him have a negative play a non probably again, I'm probably over exaggerating. I'm sure he has, but he just you don't see him on the ground over. You don't see him within on tackles or sack. Speaking of, have you guys seen late Vander Missa tackle yet, like even in the open field? Yeah, he's, he's really great. I bring people down. I think he was the only when bring on saquon week too. Yeah. I mean, he'd definitely if he has. It's been one that we didn't remember. So it means it wasn't but so bad, but we're out of time. We already went over again. So like I said, make sure you fall Twitter. I don't need to give your Twitter handles again, basically cut out. You can cut out that part about me not have Mike on. Yeah, we'll twenty seconds soon that Twitter, you know, Twitter handles make sure you are falling blogging, boys on Twitter, make sure falling off our great work over blogging, the boys. Thanks to blogging the boys. Thanks to media productions. Thanks to explanation. Thanks. Everyone of you who listen every week. We're talking.

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