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Now when you look at Oregon state, I'm not going to sit here and sound off like chance Nolan is even the second coming of Derek Anderson and capable of playing at the next level. They have what should be an interesting quarterback battle between Tristan gebbia and Ben gold Branson, guys that bring in different skill sets, but you have to believe Nolan can be the guy. It's not rinse and repeat when you lose a player of the BJ Baylor who is outstanding running the football, especially going downhill, deshaun fenwick, and Damien Martinez, those two appear to be the guys that are going to have a chance to win the starting job. And as far as the receiving room is concerned, trevon Bradford had been the stalwart and the reliable go to threat. So they'll look for Silas Bolden to kind of enter the rotation after a healthy spring hoping he can be a guy that can add alongside Harrison Lindsay and Gould. Now the one thing I do like most about Oregon state, especially on the offensive line pain, they generated a ton of push last season. They allowed the beavers to run for an average of 2.7 yards before contact, a figure that actually led the pack 12 and ring top ten in the FBS in such a metric. And if OSU can reload its running game and with an offensive line group that can pave the way, there's a lot of reason for optimism on that particular front. Now as far as this team and what they bring defensively, hey, look, it's not the same caliber of athletes as any team in the upper Echelon. It's more about getting guys to buy in and trying to coach them up. You talked about the talent evaluations that we've seen at UCLA knowing the weight class that they have to punch in and trying to get those players to reach their ceilings. I think Oregon state kind of falls in that same general vicinity when you're talking about a beavers program that tallied only 20 sacks last season. Ranked them outside the top 100 in the FBS and maybe worse off, they were only able to get to opposing quarterbacks on less than four and a half percent of drop backs. That ranked them a 118th. When you look at the beavers defensively, middling mark in the pack 12, 26 points per game, there are pieces to like, but there's not a lot of NFL caliber talent. This is a team I think that's more interesting to watch on a week to week basis. And in my opinion, we're going to get a great illustration of where Oregon state is a program, is as a program in two games against mountain west opponents right out of the gates when they'll host Boise state a slightly more than a field goal favored in their opener. And then they'll travel to Fresno state on September 10th. So this is a team I think you'll be able to make some money betting them over the total on a weekend week out basis, but clearly not a group that I'm going to advocate for and winning the conference at a long shot price of 40 to one. Sharp guys agree with your sentiment and earlier this off season went over 5 and a half wins. It's pretty much painted 6 and a half right now, but there are a couple straggling 5 and a half out there minus one 45. So something to think about there. We didn't really touch on some of, I don't want to call them drags because they used to be some good schools in the PAC 12. But the other one that stood out obviously is Arizona state. They took massive money under did open under 7 and a half -55 some places. It's now down to 5 and a half. There has been some sharp money pointing toward the Colorado under as well. Some of the other schools within the PAC 12 before we get to our best bedtime. Yeah, and I think when you mention Arizona state, I don't want to ignore their rival and the territorial cop, a program that is probably been the most downtrodden in the entire PAC 12 over the last couple of seasons. But if I'm being honest pain and we look at a lot of these college programs, a stocks, do you buy on a weekend week out basis? Do you buy for the long term? I'd be much more apt to buy in what coach fish is doing, raising the overall recruiting profile down in Tucson compared to the dumpster fire in Tempe and there's no reason that Arizona state shouldn't be better than what they are. And we'll see if Arizona can try and restore some semblance of being competitive on a weekly basis to what Mike stoops had. I'm not going to say they're going to be a top 5 program, like the desert swarm defenses in the late 90s, but I do like the way Arizona is trending. And I really believe there are a team that can jump up and bite somebody if you don't bring your lunch pail deep into the heart of PAC 12 conference play. They do have some talent and I think ultimately Arizona state just as a team, we were selling in general, right? They lost a ton of talent. There's some internal issues that are going on. I do not know how her Edwards still has a job. And that might not be the case at some point in the middle of this season. Stunning to me, but this is about keeping good relationships and media apparently, because if it was anybody else who didn't spend a decade in the media, I would guess Herman Edwards is out of a job by now. It's so bizarre. I mean, I won't claim to know the inner workings of the athletic department at Arizona state, but it always feels to me like they should be the sleeping giant. Like, let's not sugarcoat it. There are no academic standards in terms of bringing in talent down there in Tempe. But the football program has been an afterthought consistently. The basketball program we thought Bobby Hurley could be the guy and you saw flashes of what could go on there. We saw them pumping money into taking their college hockey program away from club level status built in a beautiful on campus facility and we'll see what that can realize. And when you talk about recruiting, for anybody that's ever set foot in Tempe or walk down mill av in October, November, it should be one of the easiest places to recruit 18 to 22 year old men to play a college sport and Arizona state just hasn't been able to get there. You wonder how long a leash her Edwards really has or maybe the athletic administration is just waiting for the NCA to hand down its rulings on some of the allegations of impropriety as far as recruiting is concerned and then they'll make a decision if herm is going to continue to steer the ship or they'll go in a completely different direction because I never believe pain when herm came in that things could get worse than what they were under Todd Graham's leadership.

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