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Mike or yeah yeah i'm in the gym you took over the lead so despite haven't commons involvement in that often seemed like keeping devonta freeman fresh so that he came in explode has been a pretty nice recipe for the atlanta falcons and look is twenty five years old he's been absolutely dominant we talked earlier in the offseason they don't have a lot of money wrapped up and are those running backs right now yet lucky that he's the number six on our rankings is atp rails around but into the first round you see the best value out of these top six guns he is might fourth ranked running back ahead of the elder statement the combo of look some mccoy and demarco murray you know when when it was his rookie year there are things on film we just did not light and i think mike you famously said that devonta freeman think yes isn't it you know we have issued that up you know about is for me yeah that that's that's a that's a famous one the reality is when you watch film now what he's done since his rookie year and and you when you talk to people in atlanta he is the hardest working guide there he it be is he sets the standard for work ethic they love him there and when you watch film you can't bring the guy down you you know he is so hard to wrap up and get on the ground and he's so good at catching the boycott seventy plus passes two years ago i think his talent and the off ints says look i mean other than his rookie year where he wasn't the guy and he he didn't even have the opportunity the rest of the time has been a top six pass sometimes you have to just are thinking about these other these backfield tandems too when he played with tevin coleman he's better he averaged twenty more rushing yards then without him he averaged basically you know three times ohio chance of a touchdown without him i mean sorry with sam then without him he was a better point perception running back mean everything on paper was better with devin.

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