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Monitoring rush on that a complainer anyway weekdays noon to three on newsradio 1410 wdov the top show talk about garden to talk to you about the old for president gurbaj newsradio ten wdov wdov oh aware welcome back rico again fellow day harrier i am code nine to and her dennis o'brien was our uh who is our guest in the one of our guest than the segment one in two and he says state around kazys in the studio and he's going to do a cohost job in segment three rick hogan on your side you are in an immigration attorney you are a resident of delaware it is hogan and vanderberg an office in philly in one in wilmington federal court immigration your forte is in philly but you know how we played a game thirty seconds about you and thirty seconds about your business at will i live in delaware day and night we immigration cages up and down east coast coast me in philadelphia court but guy in a very busy time here were up and down from new york boston and all the way down to florida at this point so we are a watching right now for the big changes that are coming from dc to see what else is going to happen this year um and we were ready to to uh you know respond to all the changes that are likely to happen and i call you label you at a very positive way delaware's immigration attorney and one of the things that you do is be with the aba all the crew correctional letters the uh uh what's at all about so i am of so american immigration lawyers association i my job for philadelphia in delaware is to uh to keep track on legislation going on capitol hill and to go down to capitol hill as often as necessary to lobby and to legislate to help the legislator understand what goes on on the ground with immigration.

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