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This is the speak for yourself podcast between the best commentary of colin coward and jason woodlock i'm your host jason mcateer loaded show today chris bussard and eric davis are joining us wedlock ways in on the serena williams john mcenroe situation we're talking about the impact of mal far and lawns oh ball on monday night raw plus can the celtic speedy favorite overlook broad next season allow me to quickly speak on the boston celtics who trying to make a run at gordon hayward and paul george stealing paul george from the lakers this is blowing up folks this is the setting up for an incredible weekend ahead of nba free agency madness first of all i do think hayward going to boston i don't see why paul george would want to play with him to small forward the balkans split the points split the touches if the if neither could make thirteen all nba who's to say both of them are even going to be allstars in boston reorganizing of thomas on that team i think paul george didn't wanna stay away i don't think he's going to sign the extension i think heat off to la next here let's get to the show would like and cowher take it away while in the self answers wit log and i'll tell you why magic johnson these the door intervention on the bar wall i'm cohen cower not how tom brady shocked the world once again speak for yourself start right now shocked the world yeah hohns it up the world brady does what's expected art hallowed wall go were join today by superbowl champion eric davis and the founder of the big leave jason mcintyre let's start with serena williams.

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