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Lives in Brooklyn New York now but grew up in Houston Texas where Friday night football and a greasy hamburger with French fries are king whenever I go back to Texas to visit family or see friends I have to stop at one of its part of setting the place of where I am it reminds me of home so. I think it'll always be part of that experience for me Chandler has always been interested in the evolution and prevalence of fast food tracing its roots all the way back to a hundred years ago historically accurate faster it is about a hundred years old you can trace it back to the founding of two Chainz a NW and white castle which sort of presented this kind of highly regimented systematized very uniform production and made it accessible to Americans I want to see all those words I kind of me that I was this is a time when there wasn't a lot of public trust in where you a and what you get there so what they did was create a product that was extremely consistent wherever you went it was the exact same but nowadays things are a lot different there's a menu item for almost every craving and in some towns it seems like on every corner there's another drive through from NYC Donald's golden arches to the pink and orange Dunkin donuts logo Chandler says this rapid growth came with the mass construction of highways and the move away from dirty cities to a shiny new suburbia the last fifty or sixty years you can trace fast food to the building of highways after World War two and died creation of the suburbs and family is moving out white flight from urban centers and really a more mobile American work force people hide commutes and they wanted to go out and they wanted to eat quickly they need to places to go when they're on the road and as women entered the work force basically fast food became more of a stand in for a traditional.

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