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Like those like three Whit stillman movies have kind of the same energy where it's like Oh of course. These like New York debutantes. Of course nothing is like sort of really happening here. It's because they're rich, and there's like no point to like making them. Go on like a big. Discovery Journey. Yeah, that's like not what would happen. It's like that kind of. The kind of like hyper realist, right which I think is why it makes so much sense that he's like friends with Anti Baker. They're like two who like who both are very specific about like. This is how it sounds when people talk to each other in real life, and this is what like real life is like, and then like sometimes something we'll get like tweaked a little bit in a way that like makes it pop yeah. But I think it's so. It's so funny how I really do love any Baker, and I'm like I. Get any Baker I don't mind sitting in a theater for two and a half hours. Oh baby make it through. The long version of Three and a tackle next is Peter Seven three hours maybe. I don't mind and then I think a lot of bombeck does make me feel. Irritated! I don't know. I think maybe part of it. Is this frustration rhyme like? Cod like you can just be. You can literally just be Noah above back. You can be born and raised in New York and a lovely life, and then you know it's like existential, erode dreads, and anxieties and frustrations, and then like record that and everybody's like. Wow, but it's but a lot of other people don't get to do that. like racing like last black men in San Francisco, which wasn't even like that. Aimless honestly, but I remember seeing it with a white friend, and and I was like Holy Shit I loved this movie and they're like it's okay. It's just like any other art movie. I was like one of you seen. that. It's like there's no like I think I. Think like a similar thing is like there's no black link later I. That doesn't exist right of just like a black like. Hang out movie. doesn't really. Has Had I'm trying to think if there is one 'cause they're like romantic. There's like a light black movies, but there are no lake Lake? League wears a black like slacker or like a black squid, and the whale or I don't know I mean I don't. Like I feel like black movies have to be so high concept like pretty much. You have to be able to like really sell it in the room. Yes, in order dead it made. Think been in the. Room in like pitching stuff, but it is like you do have to have a certain element like and this will speak to X. Y. and Z. and that blood Buddha do like but I also wonder if there's a thing to of like. Atlanta's has tonal like totally jarring, and like weird moments in like has comedic heightened nece. That kind of has been to me. The glimpses of like the closest like here are just black, hanging out or Speak and that I think is also part of why. It is so resonant and like felt so. Cool Ray. It is just like it's like scenes of Atlanta where they're just like hanging out. Yeah, just like very kind of quietly like astounding, because it is like none of the none of the dialogue is like heightened at all. No one feels like they're like. It never feels you know win like. You were I I. Don't want to spoil anything that we can cut this if we want, but we are going to talk about Hollywood shuffle. At a certain point and it, but it never like an on Atlanta. It never feels like we've pushed some kind of like. We've never pushed Oh. Yale School of drama. Actor into like something that felt like flat or like one dimensional. You know how sometimes you can tell when like a black actor is better than the work that they're being put into. Like like. Biology Davis in the help is like no, you're like you're so much better than yes I'm just. Yeah, I mean. This is also me thirsting after Jonathan Majors emotionally, but like he's somebody who's career. I'm so excited to see because he also like he used to be like you know. Little! Whatever's like he was white boy? Rick at that. Ruby hostels valuable remembers that. He was just like up in these flicks. And now it's like Oh my okay like you're getting to do work that like you're just as good as or if not better and like you're GonNa be in these really exciting things, which is cool, but also then I kinda I guess it goes back to what you were saying where it's like okay, but now you're doing like these big things like. Yeah I I wonder too I feel that there are. I mean there are a black character actors obviously, but like I feel like how the way that in the indie scene there. These white actors who are revered for being in. Indy spaces like like. There's there's no lack Parker Posey. I was GONNA. Say there's no black Adam driver, but like. The there's no one who like flips between. Do, Star, wars, and then go off and do like a Noah Baumbach movie or Or like do like a Jim Jarmusch. Movie Right doesn't happen yet, and there's no like there isn't. And maybe I'm wrong, but like there's mumble core like that doesn't know exists. The closes maybe we have is Atlanta and like sometimes insecure, but I was. Like, no, it's so heightened and be like comedy. And in like we want this to be a pallet, not held, but like this it unfortunately is already speaking for something, so can't go back and suddenly be like low key, and the thing about nobody movies is like..

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