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Can we integrate the offline and online experience creating an event that simaltaneously delivered for an in person and online audience presents. A huge opportunity. But it doesn't come about her awesome plenty of logistics that need meticulous working out a hybrid online and offline motto. I up events to bigger. I'm more diverse audiences. The one she may have got used to one online was the only way in a return to those in-person one. she's missed out the loan months. The pandemic restrictions. It's a new space of many. If you get it right it opens up enough. A whole world of possibilities. Those who move their events online and twenty twenty started off slowly included and find them momentum in time looking at integration by online and offline size as we move forward could help audiences and organizes it alike. Create more impact. That's a good to pass. They can help us find out places in this hybrid space for anyone who was built something online in the past year. Beat podcast writing or video or to live at any form of event from a webinar to virtual conference. The times we find ourselves in now are full of potential. Harvard delivery is an area is ripe for innovation as you can bring people together in one live space no matter where they are or how they prefer to experience an event. If you put your mind to it you can let your imagination run. Wild and is currently empty field audiences a slightly different from how they were pre covid. For instance. there are several differences in how learning happens from personal experience. This although subtle is significant

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