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Basing all this on is Soto Machado and Josh bell hitting one, two, three, four, with others, including Jake cronin worth following. But if tatis comes back and he can't play shortstop, or they have to put him in center field or most important, he doesn't hit, then the whole equation changes again. And I agree with you, I think the potters make the playoffs. I think it does take some time. I think soda will settle in and they'll start to score runs. That kid is so impressive. You know, he's 23 years old and I can call him a kid because I'm a lot older than that Tim, but just being around him over the weekend before we had Dodgers and Padres and then being reminded of his approach at the plate when he played that night and to hear the backstory is on sort of how he's ingratiated himself with the team, initially they put him in the two hole, then he moved to the three hole and then Josh bell basically talked to him and said, look, you know, this lineup will be better. You'll get more protection if you hitting the two hole. And so that's where he is. I love listening to him on the mic, tell me about Juan Soto through your eyes as someone had been around players for a lot of years. Well, again, I live in the D.C. area, so I used to go to the nationals games all the time and I was always just amazed at how mature he was at 19 years old playing in the big leagues. Mark Reynolds, one of our favorite people, once looked at me and this is for four years ago and he goes, I can't believe the plate discipline this guy has at 19. He goes, I've never won for one day. Had that kind of plate discipline in my life. And I'm 34 years old. He said, this guy's 19, he said, I've never seen a kid who understands and commands the strike zone like he does at this age, and of course he's still got it. Buster he's walked 469 times in his career and he's 23 years old. The key will be, of course, does he expand that strike zone just a tiny bit once in a while if he needs to drive in a run knowing there are all sorts of good hitters in this lineup. I think he's going to get more pitches to hit and I think he's going to be an even better offensive player than he asked at this point and that is really saying something. All right, how about the Orioles that win the first game of that series against the Toronto Blue Jays? Just keep rolling. They trade training. They trade their closer. They keep on rolling. It's an amazing story. I'm going there tonight just to see what the heck is going on here and how they can be doing this. But just look at the guys who hit Homer's last night. I mean, they had three guys, I think a bunch of guys with ten or more homers. They don't have those spectacular offensive players, but they find a way to score runs. Felix Batista closed last night because Jorge Lopez is gone. They're starting pitching. Their ERA in the month of August buster. I know we've just started the month is right around two. This was a team with historically bad pitching last year. And now it's pretty darn good. So the story is tremendous and Brandon high deserves a lot of credit. He took a lot of losses, his one loss record looks horrendous and they're staying with him because when they get good, he deserves to be there. And right now they're pretty good. Yeah, and I love it for him. The fact that he's there is they turn the corner and they're having success because he earned that. I mean, he absolutely weathered some lean years there. That's a great story, a not great story over the weekend. Pete Rose, going back to Philadelphia in his first appearance in the field since the franchise scrapped 2017 plans to honor him because of a woman's allegations. She had a sexual relationship with him when she was a minor. Here's Pete Rose being asked about that. You

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