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Red Sox, Alex Cora, Adam Kaufman discussed on WBZ Midday News


Victoria Beckham aka posh spice will not be with them though. She's issued a press release wishing her former bandmates a wonderful time Barker CBS news, London. Now, the story Alec Baldwin may have slapped and not punched his alleged victim during an argument over a parking spot. Las week TMZ is reporting law enforcement officials say the male driver who took Baldwin spot told Copsey actor struck him with his hand officials say that is more consistent with a slap and not a punch as had been originally reported. And if it was a slob, a might not be considered assault. If the two men were in a shoving match and New England Patriots receiver Jillian cattleman is showing. Hey, support for the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. He was wearing and is rarely baseball cap when he spoke to reporters after last night's win against the Packers Ataman who is Jewish says he's thinking a lot about and praying for the victims and their families. And it was a very late night in Foxborough with the patriots and action, and there's also no rest for the weary because the Celtics and Bruins play tonight. But we'll still be talking about the Red Sox WBZ's. Adam Kaufman has the story. A busy stretch for the World Series champion Red Sox. They won the World Series in Los Angeles eight days ago paraded through Boston on duck boats last Wednesday visited the garden for Celtics game Thursday to the championship trophy to Puerto Rico Saturday returned to go to Foxborough last night. And they'll head back to the garden tonight for the Bruins meeting with the stars seven. If you season pats, both one with socks in attendance. So good omen for the bees. As for last night, though. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady loved having their baseball brethren on hand the Red Sox here. Awesome group that is Alex and great players certainly inspirational for me tremendous year, they've had set the bar so high for for all the rest, Boston, certainly, you know, we want we're here to win. And I think that the organizations are committed to winning so great to see. I mean, it's fun to be a part of ours. I love playing here. And I love supporting those other teams too. So I got a selfie with Alex Cora. That was nice Alex Cora. Enjoyed it. Too. Saskia percent. It was the highlight of his week. Adam Kaufman, WBZ sports always watching.

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Red Sox, Alex Cora, Adam Kaufman discussed on WBZ Midday News

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