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So we create a nondiscriminatory society, but it is not anti semitic to be critical of white wing government in Israel. So the thing that you missed the beginning the beginning of the question, he actually explicitly said Ilhan Oma is not an anti Semite. And then he goes on to say, hey, it's anti semitic to criticize Israel. What is Bernie Sanders missing Burstein everything? I'm back that little piece Bernie Sanders is somebody who spent his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union this over at union when it was in the Soviet Union. Right, right. This'll be correct. It's former now back then he got married us. He spent his honeymoon. They are I will tell you. We're Jewish refugees from Russia the point, but I will tell you that the Soviet Union was an anti-semitic state state, right? There was a cap on with what about that? Bernie Sanders as an American Jew right went. I mean, it was bad enough to think that he's going to come in a state for his honeymoon. But he's going to communist state that has systematically oppressed Jewish runs since the beginning of the book, Paul Graham is originally Russian word is it not. So here's here's the quick story of that right now under the SARS Jews were prosperous. We're not allowed to come into the city. That's that's the pale of settlement. They beyond the pale. That's where that comes from the pale of settlement. Then the union still deep anti-semitism a cap on. How many? Juice. There could be universities and colleges. Kaplan. How how many naked Denia so antisemitic organized, antisemitic state birdie centers goes there for his honeymoon to celebrate sing songs and has a good time. That tells you about everything you need to know, and what how much he cares for does not care for the plight of Jews around the world. Okay. So Bernie Sanders is obviously not that concerned with how Jewish Americans or Jewish people in general fair. He's more concerned with allowing them are who. And that's the medic. Yes. But also we've talked about this before does not seem to be a huge fan of the United States of America as well. Right. A place that has taken her in has given her refuge. But now she says it's oppressive one dismisses the worst attack on our soil nine eleven is just something. Well, what what did she say? What did no say some people did something some people did something is nine eleven on that issue. So let's we know she's anti Semite, and we can say it because she is us, you know, making a slick offering spins this, isn't what the president had to say about this just last night. Totally unrehearsed a local correspondent from KTBS being min- Minneapolis behind stage two stage of a town hall. Just walks up to the president. You know, what he's like he's just says. Okay. You want an interview he starts talking. Let's listen to nine. Congresswoman Omar sent out a release last night saying that your tweet from a couple of days ago has led to direct threats on her life. Any second thoughts about that tweet and the way it was produced and put together. No, not at all. Look he's been very disrespectful to this country. She's been very disrespectful, frankly to Israel. She is somebody that doesn't really understand. I think life real life. What it's all about. It's fortunate. She's got a away about her. That's very very bad. I think for our country. I think he's extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. That's the president isn't Boris. He says how he sees it. That's why he's likely the best communicator in the history of this country. He's he sees it. He says it, and that's why the American public can connect with him that often testing that you heard in that statement, he's saying what people who are in the right mind seemingly unlike Bernie Sanders, but those who are in their right mind are thinking. Talking point, no rehearsed. No, it's what he believes. It's the truth. And that's what red blooded Americans. Right. That's what America if you take a cross section of America. And you take out the folks who who's liberalism has blinded them. And if you go out to Minnesota to Michigan to this concept, the Pennsylvania to Florida to parts of New York and California. Remember, New York is a lot more than island of Manhattan, New York's huge in California's not just LA. That's what Americans are thinking. Why is there someone in our country?.

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