CIA, Heidi Priscilla Joe, Rudy Giuliani discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Cia in department of defense nbc news national security analysts jeremy bashes with us and nbc news national political reporter heidi priscilla joe is off this morning willy and i got it here there's a lot to get to president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani went on vision again last night and seem to indicate that the trump campaign did get dirt on hillary clinton from the russians don't think he meant to do that did he maybe he did yesterday the senate judiciary committee opened up the books on their interviews of the president's top campaign officials about the june twenty sixteen trump tower meeting between donald trump junior all manafort jared kushner and russians peddling dirt on hillary clinton the documents shed light on who knew what and when about the controversial summit that stayed secret for more than a year testimony from russian participants cast more doubt on donald trump junior's original claim that the meeting was to discuss russian adoptions witnesses said he began the meeting by asking for information on hillary clinton trump junior was questioned about the email he received before the meeting telling him quote of quote russia and its governments support for mr trump asked if he thought that would be problematic the president's son replied i didn't think that listening to someone with information relevant to the fitness and character of a presidential candidate would be an issue no it was an argument seconded by rudy giuliani last night but that's not all rudy said.

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