President Trump, Eagles, White House discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


You know as a society is not making any saver is not is not improving anything so i think holistically as we continue to teach until these stories <hes> hopefully we can activate arfan basin and really gets a movement wow. It's amazing work that you're doing about <hes> when you look at the super bowl is one thing that comes with its <hes> when you're a champion and that is you are meant to get an invite to make the president of the united states at the white house. Now the eagles have yet to receive the official invitation but you you have said that you you would not go to the white house to meet the president's so so the reason i said and for me. I've won the super bowl before so i i kind of know what that is like. <hes> it's a celebratory event. You know you go. We're we're in a big role. In the president comes in you shake his hand. We take a few pictures. They leave rights all right. I'm not interested in a photo personally but what i've always been open to what we've been doing. We've taken multiple chips to the hill <hes> to speak be you know to people who want help with criminal justice reform and all the different things that we've been fighting for that. I'm interested in so if the president said come to the white house malcolm jenkins and then we can have a discussion on criminal justice reform such. Would you go if it was serious in nature than yeah you even have a piece of paper and a malcolm jenkins. I hear you thanks.

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