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Greg talk you love your work on it out of the ring thank you very professional abc's helping you out i just wanna talk a little less about lebron the war about the trailblazers they're all firemen no there's not a bunch of people told her about the pl you've been a lifelong blazers fan yes sir we want back in seventy seven two years old so we're doing man we're fire man we did bring on all the ts man even agree on the raptors for the championship we're ready man you guys are sitting third there and and you look good i mean i gotta say you looking good there in the west we'll see we'll see what happens at thanks for calling tony on down the hatches portland a lot of wind in the background he's he's busy he's actually obviously he's he bombing of carver motorcycle what's he might be the side sidecar troublemaker that's getting a little listening to yesterday's da show just for the joy the second time gets me excited twenty basically point about the about portland you don't have that polarizing guy on the blazes that that's the thing well they do get stuck in playing so late and all of our west coast attention ends up being on the warriors whether they're rolling people right now battling with three and a half stars out of their starting lineup and i get what he's coming i get where he's coming from here i think damian lillard should be talked about not actually voted the mvp he's having a stellar seasons so jordan clarkson now is crazy.

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