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Actress located in yondo speaking out about her own alleged experiences with producer harvey weinstein in the new york times they twelve years a slave star describes how an invitation to watch movies with family at weinstein's home took a sinister turn harvey led me into a bedroom his bedroom at announced that he wanted to give me a massage i thought he was joking at first he was not for the first time since i met him i felt unsafe the actress goes on to describe her fear claiming she panicked a little before offering to give him wine a way to be in control physically she writes rationalizing this awkward moment based on her experience with student massages in acting glasses at yale but when he attempted did to remove his pants she ran from the room she claims at the time she second guessed her discomfort but years later the movie mogul invited her to dinner where she says his intentions became clearer he announced let's cut to the chase i have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal he told me not to be so naive i wanted to be an actress that i had to be willing to do this sort of thing she says one she declined he sent her away saying i don't know about your career that you'll be fine before deciding to share her account neon go say she felt sick about joining in the conspiracy of silence adding she was ultimately move to speak by the bravery of other women coming forward i own harassed so many times i can't count assault old many inspired by actress elissa milano who urged women to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault under the hashtag me too we are going to be vocal and travel stops not one more at stops here what if miramax is big yes male stars director quentin tarantino coming forward to say he's known for decades about weinstein's behavior towards women he tells the new york times there was more to it than just than normal rumors the normal goss it it wasn't secondhand i wish i had taken responsibility for what i heard he says his former girlfriend mira sorvino told him at the time about the unwelcome advances at harassment she faced from the.

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