Heinz Hall, Pat Steinbach, Bill discussed on Emotional Management with Dr. Christian Conte


Member idea what's involved here memory but it wasn't a particularly difficult winter where all of us indicating that lost her voice and cigna said come with us and the whole staff went over to St Mary's on the corner it was what they were saying please see what I see you're not allowed to do today was a great father the places you can you too moreover got blasted last and we were better the next day there we go this is fantastic we are in the lobby of Heinz hall we have to bring this yes we do step right up ma'am we have a custom system please ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you Pat Steinbach that's fine my bad Gloria okay call me for all of your the steps through your I'm sorry about the little bills he was the dean of news in this town it was the first guy that I was assigned to on the first day that I started and filled with water is a well this is how we do things here what we do and he catches in the shape of your exactly what was going on he was a great mentor and a great man are you participating I have a somewhat different recollection from my first experience with bill's time again he'd be in that little new studio reading what we called ninety to six at that time the ninety minute news broadcast and I would have to take scripts into him occasionally when I walked in there and there's this big cloud of smoke because of that time we were allowed to smoke in the building and bill always smoking cigars always a cigar in his mouth and even when he was doing the when we change the policy in advance will be the first step was the branch will be everywhere except Mr the new studio while.

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