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Cody second dotty. So on a jet swing freezes out and get your hand is. Verse base of the Tuesday. And here's Muncie. Muncie. During Vati practice wore the t shirt that. Became very pop the around here about go fetch the ball in the ocean. And here he is steadied in against Madison Bumgarner the pitch. And there's a breaking ball down low wanna know. I think you're definitely right about Bumgarner be amped up for this start because that was cutter at ninety. Here's the pitch runner goes he's got. No throw. Feely ferret is PK Hernandez. So that a runner at third two outs. They asked verse bocce about. Muncie, wearing that t shirt during batting practice. Any basically said, well, if you poked, bear enough, you can't be upset if he bites back. Fly drive fit. Right. Coming into is your end is one. So muncie. Singles off a Bumgarner. And the do stolen bases in hurt. The giants left. Came a little ball in Muncie. Hit it right on the nose. Pretty amazing until the home run that Muncie. Of garner. In San Francisco never had a hit against. So here's Taylor. The pitch swing a foul to the backstop, and it's no balls and one strike. Taylor. Digging step back down for a side. Now gets back in the box. So Hernandez getting hit by a pitch after two strikes delete off the inning. That comes back in it hurts. Bumgarner, here's the pitch to Taylor and a swing and amiss. It's nother in two. Taylor is one for twenty one against Bumgarner with ten strikeouts. Bumgarner about to throw pitch number seventeen instead it'll be throw at first. Dealer to home runs in the game last night. Ended up with three hits. Totally also had a double the pitch. Gonna foul the second level right behind. And we'll do it again. Phil straightaway. Chris taylor. Garner agrees with Posey on the sign, and another throaty. I. He's got three steals. Annex shading Taylor poll on the infield. But no over shift. Here's the pitch and it's a high fastball. Ninety two one two. The first hasn't been a friendly to any of the giants binge even Bumgarner been bit a little bit of that version. Right now. Like to get off the field with just one run being scored by the dodgers. What'd two and the pitch. And it's down low to, to. Her gets new baseball. He rubs it up. And he gets decide from Posey daler weights. And the pitch and it's slow away. Three to now. Muncie will take off. So now Muncie can't take off the kind of three and two. Here's the pitch, and it's a breaking ball, kale pick, download. Pretty nice advantage or Taylor. And of the walk after falling behind early. So here's garlic who hit his first major league home run in game yesterday to centerfield on the first pitch. It's a cutter in swing missed all in one strike. So now the pitches are starting to add up to be pitcher number twenty three here. It is in a swing and a miss ain't pitched other, too. See guy swigging missed twice on the same page. And you gotta believe that another one's government. Second is Muncie at first is Taylor. And the giants lefty throws in swing and a miss by garlic. He threw three straight cutters. And that will end the any what run on one hit a hit batter a walk to left after one one nothing. Dodgers, the caviar northern California onto daily radio network. Do you feel hopeless and withdrawn from work, or your family? Do you feel as if you're a burden to everyone around you or there's just no reason to live? If these are your thoughts, we want you to know.

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